How much do you really miss us?

Well, it's the last day in Haiti Heaven and we will sure miss it... until next time! We started out with painting more of the new home in the kids village today, said our goodbyes to the kiddos, then a few of us went on a walk to the beach and went shell shopping in the water. I'm still amazed by how warm the water is, how blue the skies are, and how sweet the people are. A part of me doesn't want to leave, but the other part really misses my family and friends, so I will take a part of Haiti home, as Haiti will keep a part of my heart here... I know it's in the right hands! And *cross my fingers* that the Lord will allow me to come back next year. I think I can speak for the group and say

Even WARRIORS need some child like joy

I always explain to people the first five days seem to drag on in the best of ways. Each day feels like two, but then when day eight hits like "WOW, we only have two days left! It flew bye!" The memories and experiences start rushing through my mind. God works in such amazing ways. Think about this simple line, "God is Good!" He really is though and its so simple. Every time I've had the change to be in Haiti, God has shown up. We have been given the task to paint half of the latest duplex built. The morning before we started painted I shared something with my team I struggle with. My feelings on doing things for others and how I like to do them as if I was doing for myself. I get a little f

To Market We Shall Go!

We started our day with our usual 6:15 am wake up call from Vanessa and made our way down to breakfast. Shortly after though we had the opportunity to experience the Saturday Haitian marketplace. Talk about busy! No flea market in the states can even come close to how busy this place was. We had the chance to go to the river where hundreds of donkeys carried their owners produce down from the mountain (about a 4 hour trip for them one way btw). An incredible site to see as they all crossed the river to make it to market. The market has just about anything and everything for sell from clothing and spices to on the spot butchered meats and fresh baked bread that we have been stuffing our faces

Haiti's elusive song bird spotted in Grand Goave

our team 's day started with Brandon's devotion at 6:30, breakfast @ 7:00, and then church @7:45. the worship was amazing, the Holy Spirit is alive and well in Haiti. the youth group performed a skit that kept the church engaged. clayton and Toni both gave their testimonies, and then Meika the songbird sang (I am a child of God) for the church, she was a little nervous but we prayed over her and she knocked the ball out of the park. after church we ate lunch, and rested a bit before our Vacation Bible School (VBS) @ Tapion. The shirt project was a big success, meika sang again and I shared some scripture as did marilyn our host. we visited a restaurant named chewiey;s for dinner, and it was

Feeling Blessed

First off I have to thank our leaders Mark and Toni who had done a wonderful job preparing us. I thank God for opening a door that was closed when I met Mark 3days later God opened the door for me and it has been so amazing and I'm so grateful for the opportunity and being apart of what Haiti Arise is doing here in this nation for the kids classes buildings orphans and so much more. the vision god has given pastor Mark is huge,and you all know we serve a Big Big God. The team God put together through our church is amazing we all work so well together as a team the laughter the prayer ,individual experiences and how god is using us I cant even put into words.

A day to remember

Hey everyone! Brandon McCloskey here! What an absolutely amazing trip so far. Today is day 4. Crazy to think that tomorrow marks the halfway mark. I am so fortunate and blessed to be alongside 9 other people who have become like family to me. Our team leaders are absolutely inspiring and caring and have really helped me set many of my fears aside. Coming to Haiti I wasn't sure what to expect and when I arrived I had a lot of fear that I wouldn't have been able to help. I quickly learned what our task was and what the future days would hold and my fears were easily gone. Today began as usual with a 6:00am wake up. Our devotional time was absolutely amazing as one of our team member brought a

Happy in Haiti

WOW. Where to start? We started our first official project today; painting new homes for future families in the kids village! It was so awesome to have this opportunity, to know that what we do here as a team is going towards something bigger than us. I think I could speak for the whole team and say that today was overall a beautiful experience. We started our day off with a morning devotion, followed by breakfast. Once we finished all of that, we started our short walk to the village. After saying many "bonjour" to the people walking on the road, we made it to our destination. From painting the home to singing some worship tunes, to joking around and spending quality time together, to Mark

We Have Arrived !

The Fathers House Haiti Mission Team has arrived and are all Healthy and Happy. After a long travel day i.e. Sunday and most of Monday.....we made it here to Haiti Arise in Grand Goave and are settled in nicely. Our Hosts Mark, Wade and Marilyn are as gracious and generous as always. To my wife Christine, my children Cameron, Cat, Kyle,......and Jay, Jason and DeAnna....I Love and Miss all of you and I pray my service here will reflect my heart for you all and bring to this Mission the same heart and mind that I have for The Lord and all of you. are my Person and I carry you with me here. I Love you so much and in my minds eye ....right n

The First Team of the New Season!

Meet our first team of the 2018 / 19 season.......The Father's House from Vacaville, California. Check back to read all about their adventures while they are here.

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