The Beautiful Journey

A number of years ago when we first bought our house in Canada, I thought we needed a houseplant to mark this new era of a settling down, establishing a sign in the road of our journey. The plant I chose was called a money tree, but it is a type of Bonsai tree with big leaves that sprout out the top of it’s twisted trunk of above ground-like roots. I loved looking at it, cause I could imagine the growth journey each of those roots took, to spring up, supporting one another and becoming this strong trunk that sprouted new life, each twisted portion of it embracing the other. And through the seasons, even when I thought the plant would die (mostly from my negligence), another leaf would sprout

The New Year has brought a New Peace.

There is a settled calm over the country, like a healing balm. After months of endless riots and violence, the new year has brought in a new peace. The opposition and gangs are tired, realizing that even their own kids and families have suffered enough. 4 months of education lost, that everyone finally agrees kids need to make up. The school year will likely run into the next September, with some schools even calling high school students to come on Saturdays to ensure they will be able to pass their essential exams. Even with that chance, Ken is still unsure if he will still get to graduate this year. He has ambitions and hopes to finish school then study art and marketing. His dreams may st

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