Trinity Lutheran January 22

Today was an interesting day. We did an eyeglass clinic. I've been learning Creole. It is difficult but fun to learn. Rose, Gertha, and Marc have been teaching me how to have a conversation with locals in our clinic. Nuka is an old friend who I met three years ago. She was one of our translators on the community walk. Yesterday she braided my hair while I held her 10 month old baby named Shaneka. Tonight we sat together during church service. Tonight I sang in front of the congregation, my confirmation song, "You Say". Pastor Wade told me after I sang that the song is being translated into Creole for Haiti Arise's up coming Ladies Conference in February. My time in Haiti has been ve

Worshipping in Grand Goave

Today was a full day starting with a morning devotion from Colleen, breakfast, and then worship at 8:00am. We had an interpretor at church and the sermon was on Faith as well as the Trinity. Our group along with the group from Saskatchewan sang 3 songs at the service. The first song was (What a Friend) and the congregation knew this song and sang along with us. The service was run by the youth who lead it every 3rd week. We had down time until lunch and then had a jam session with Struan before we headed off to the Childrens Church in Tampion. It was to start at 2:30 but didn't get going until after 3pm. We started off with around 25 kids and by the end around 50 were there. Our grou

Trinity Lutheran-Sunday Morning

Well it has been an exciting few days, however we were not able to blog due to poor internet access. Limited technology and resources, intermittent electricity are just a way of life in Haiti. We joked that the saying "two steps forward and one back", has been given new meaning. We finished out our clinics for the week on Friday. Both eyeglass and dental have been flat out. Our translators have been God sent! We are seeing the same problems related to extreme poverty. Cataracts, sun damage, cavities and decay throughout the whole mouth. On a positive note, we've learned that there is an eye doctor on Grand Goave who does cataract surgery for $60. So we've started to make a list of the

Trinity Lutheran Thursday Jan 17

Our day started as usual at 6:30 am up on the rooftop to a beautiful sunrise off to the east. The sky was aglow & was breathtaking. After another delicious breakfast the work crews took off in various directions for their clinics. Dr. Vaughan, Charlene & Sandra headed out to the dental clinic & spent a very,very busy day there. They saw 12 patients with many "pick & choose the worst problems" working nearly through both dinner & supper. The eyeglass clinic crew had another full morning testing 41 eyes & then in the afternoon one classroom of children came in to get tested. All in all another full day. Bill & Liam walked around with their work belts on {not sure if they did any work}

Martensville Baptist Church

This energetic team from Martensville Baptist Church arrived on Monday as well. They are now in the south of Haiti where the hurricane of two years ago hit the hardest. After fundraising back home, they have raised funds to go help build a church for our church plant in this area. They will have plenty of adventures to talk and write about. We are praying for their safety and for good health as they work at this project for the great people of this church.

Trinity Lutheran Day 2

A refreshing day through the night. Sharon began our morning devotion, reminding us to sparkle, reflect, shining God's love; in our dark world. Think of others, be encouraging and patient. Watch our tongue and what we choose for entertainment. We enjoyed plate size pancakes for breakfast. We had a busy morning at the eyeglass clinic however the afternoon was quieter. This allowed some of us to walk to the ocean. On our walk we saw lots of goats and the vegetation was much thicker than our previous time here. We noticed many more fences and walls as well. Night time rains left many mud puddles for us navigate. The dental staff completed a full days clinic. Struan, Charlene and Sandra

Trinity Lutheran

Day 1 at Haiti Arise has been amazing. We started the day on the roof top at 6:40 am! With a devotion and prayer about letting our light shine. After a delicious breakfast we did a "walk about" on the Mission compound to help orientate the new comers and update on changes. The "new" dental chair was retrieved from the Seacan. After new maneuvering will be put to good use. The eyeglass girls were busy setting the room for start up at 8 am tomorrow! A highlight of the day was renewing friendships. After the evening church service, we gathered on the roof top to debrief, followed by singing with Struan on guitar. We had a good hot day. All back home are also in our thoughts and prayers.

Trinity Lutheran Mission Team in Haiti

We have arrived and are all settled in. Our trip was long but had no major issues. All 26 suitcases made it with Air Canada checking them all the way thru from Calgary. We are so grateful we did not have to haul them to our hotel last night in Montreal. Thank you Air Canada! Port au Prince was an adventure as usual. From the airport to the drive to Grand Goave, we saw many sights, sounds and smells. Our expert drivers navigated the busy roads and now we are all settled into the mission house, fed and watered! Thank you Lucianna for the delicious chicken, rice, beans, fresh bread and garden salad!!! Wade, Marilyn and Marc have all welcomed us. We are ready for bed and excited to see w

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