Final Photos from the site....

After many, many trips up and down the hillside, and many new friendships later....Bethel Team's time has ended for another year. See you next year!

Winding Down, and how to start a Nissan that won't start

Our time in Haiti is winding down which is sad as we know that soon we will leave the pleasent but uncomfortable heat and beautiful green country side for the cold snow of Canada. Our days have been full of fun and hard work! As we ended Sunday night we said we were headed to Jacmel. Well we did, however it wasn't without incident. As we headed up and over the winding mountain road, we were a third of the way up when our driver tried to pass another vehicle when the van we were traveling in stalled. No big deal, this happens in a standard from time to time and on a hill. However this time was different. The van decided not to start. So Ronald, our driver, tried to roll start reversing down t

A goat of a Day

We went to Petit-Goave on Saturday morning, and the ladies looked at dresses and then we went to another store and looked at more dresses and it was annoying. Then we had some pat'n to's ice cream and drove back to Grand-Goave for some afternoon swimming. After swimming we had some grits and beans then headed to bed, in the morning I found a baby lizard in bed with me, it was on the bug net but still. This morning we went to church and had a really good message about being a group or together, there was three rules about that, 1 be together, 2 work together, 3 stay together, the pastor also talked about how sheep will stay in a pen once you build it, cows will stay together, you can herd g

Tarantulas at work and hanging out in the mango drop zone

The building continues not only on the homes, but also our relationship with the people. Today the building in the community continues near Petit Paradise, moments out of Grand Goave. Our first home is almost finished, the roof went up today, and the only thing left is to finish the brick in the gables. We finished the foundation on the second home yesterday and the walls started going up today. We (mostly Kim and Cam, our rock hauling machines) have been hauling pails of rock up hill in sandals, no coat and no snow!! Thank goodness!! Jack, Daniel, and Benjamin have been kept busy doing duty as brick movers, rock haulers, sand sifters, and friend makers. They have been playing with the loc


Well day 3 on the ground at Haiti Arise is coming to a close. We arrived here after a day and a half of mostly uneventful travel. We arrived on haiti arise's grounds a little after lunchtime and after eating lunch we unpacked, got set up and jumped in the nightcrawler and drove over to check out the worksites. after supper we were pretty worn out from only 4 hours of sleep between flights the night before so we went to bed. Tuesday Morning we got up bright and early and had devotions before breakfast. After breakfast we geared up to go to work on the houses. As you may have seen in earlier posts with pictures we spent the morning packing bricks from two separate and lower locations up to the

Scenes from the Site

Bethel Team worked with gusto yesterday. Here are some shots from the work site.....

Bethel Church Team

What do you get when you combine two fun loving, hard working families from Three Hills, AB, with a fun loving, hard working young woman from California? ..... Even more fun and a desire to build homes for a couple of families in our town who do not have good, sturdy homes to live in. Stay tuned for their experiences ......

The Birth of our Birthing Centre

Haiti ARISE is on the eve of starting a Birthing Centre. Tannis has been researching and laying plans for this for approximately 3 years. She, Barb and Marcel from Alberta, will be visiting a birthing centre in Torbeck, interviewing for midwives and offering seminars for any matrons in the area to better equip them to help women in their communities give birth in a safe manner. Ground breaking for the centre could start next month.

The Last Hurrah (St Pierre)

Well we sure know how to end a trip with a busy day! This morning we loaded up our convoy to head to Tapion up in the hills to distribute water filters. We arrived and assembled the filters before hiking up the hill to the church. The church is in a beautiful spot overlooking the valley, and because the building is basically a tin roof with no walls, as you worship you can see a beautiful view of God’s creation all around you. Haiti Arise planted this church a number of years ago and over time the church has had more and more youth and children to the point that it is now basically a youth church. It’s very cool to see the next generation embracing God and choosing to follow him! We presente

He is Risen! (St Pierre)

He is risen indeed! Celebrating Easter with our Haitian friends was a memory we will cherish for a long time. Everybody was feeling much better today and we were very excited for church! The service went for about three hours this morning and we had the privilege of participating through skit and testimony. Freedom was a great skit for Easter and really resonated with people, Danni lost her testimony but she managed to tie the skit in with Easter and really preached the salvation message, which was really awesome! There was lots of exciting worship, and a wonderful communion time. Pastor Troy and Pastor Samuel both gave a sermon, which was very well received. It truly was an atmosphere of ce

Painting 101 (St Pierre)

As we finish our 8th day we look back on today and see all the beauty we have experienced. Today was a workday at Haiti Arise. Wade put us to work painting the tech school and clinic in the morning. We divided and conquered that task! Thinking it would take us all day we surprised ourselves and finished before lunch. After lunch we went back to work on some more painting projects. We were incredibly productive thanks to the fact that there were so many of us! One team painted the elementary school and fence, while others got the task of painting the boys bathroom. Peehew! The girls were up for the challenge and cramming 10 youth in the bathroom made for light work. In the bathroom we have to

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