When You Feel Surrounded

I have to admit I have not been the most up to date blogger. But I want to first say a big thank you to the more than 100 friends who have been lifting me up in prayer today. It means a ton. I feel I have been battling to not allow the feeling of hopelessness creep in when life doesn't deal a fair hand. Pastor Corey Kope, at Venue Church, shared a powerful and timely message last Sunday night that hit me right to the core of where I am at. He shared about the doubting prayer and how when we feel like we've lost faith for something, we feel surrounded by the enemy (like Elisha's servant felt like in 2 Kings 6), what we need is to look up and surround ourselves with our people, those who can l


Hey Cornerstone family, Michael here. Today was our last one here in Haiti and it was hard to say goodbye. As excited as each of us is to go home and see our family and friends it is hard to leave this place. The people we have met and the things we have got to do and see won’t easily be forgotten. Today was a day to finish up a few little things and say our goodbyes as well as relax as we prepared to go home. The morning started with a trip to the market. This was a neat experience for many on our team as we have nothing even close to it at home. Trips like this help open our eyes to the world and realize just how good we have it in Canada. We then finished up a few small items, like puttin


What a wonderful time it has been here in Grand Goave, Haiti!. It has been so good getting to know each person on our team better! What a great/fun team we are!! Here's a few pieces of information that you may not have heard yet: There have been 15 short pews made and stained twice, ready for use, 10 long pews made and have been stained once; we have used a total of 5 gallons of stain/varnish, 7 gallons of white paint (in the new school), 7 gallons of cream-colored paint (in the Tech School). This afternoon some of our team had the privilege of going out into the community and do some visiting and meeting people in their backyards. What a blessing it was, we met one couple where the m

Church and Rest

Hi from Haiti!!! Venessa here. Sunday a day of rest and that is what it felt like. The power last night was not consistent so therefore the A/C was not consistent. Sleep was not found easily for a few of us. I am not sure what the temp was overnight but this afternoon I found out it was 29*C with humidity felt like 40*C. I did not sleep well so a nap after church was very welcome. Church service started at 8 but most of the locals went to Sunday School at 7. We situated ourselves in the direct path of the fans. The ushers then proceeded to move all people up to fill the pews starting at the front. This ended us in the warmest possible part of the church with almost no air movement. God was

Fun in the Sun

Hey Family and Friends back home! Lowell here checking in. Being Saturday we would typically have the day off and go to the market in the morning, but because there are two teams here they sent the other team to the market and we continued working on projects. We will head to the market sometime next week. Some of our team continued working on pews, others went to the children's village to paint a classroom in the elementary school, and Abby, Justin, and I got to teach English to an adult class in the technical school. The 8:00 am class promptly started in typical Haitian style around 8:45 am. There was a CD player to play audio for some of the lessons, but (also in typical Haitian style)

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Greetings from Grand Goave! It’s Bethany here. We’re having a wonderful time so far, enjoying the weather, the projects, and the people. If anyone was curious, my hair has been getting bigger and bigger by the day. This morning was spent sanding, staining and assembling the church pews. They’re coming along at a pretty good pace, and it’s been a lot of fun to be a part of that process. A few members of our team also began laying brick at the new duplex in the Children’s Village, which means that they came back to the compound very sweaty! I was also able to take some time to read my bible, journal and pray before lunchtime. For those of you who know me, you know that Haiti is a place that is

Vacation Bible School

Hello there fellow readers, So to continue with our update here in Grand Guave, today kept us quite busy..again! We had an early start to our day, starting with a delicious breakfast of porridge. When we were all ready to hit the grind, a few of us varnished the pews that were finished and others went back to help at the children’s village to continue laying brick. With a few water breaks here and there to re-energize, we managed to get a lot done before lunch rolled around. We enjoyed a great meal together and got to relax a little before planning the afternoon. The afternoon consisted of getting things organized for VBS and making sure things were ready to go before the kids arrived at the

Broken Bobcat and Progress

Hello again! It’s Abby:) We’ve been quite busy today starting and finishing new projects! The painting crew (including many members of our team as well as members of the Crossroad team) have kept busy in finishing painting the cafeteria at the Technical School and the upstairs bathrooms. We also started on the church pews. The sanding is finished and 10 of 25 pews are done being built. There are also a few who were continuing on the duplex. Although the Bobcat broke down, they managed to finish the foundation and started laying the bricks! These projects started around 8 am and continued until 4/4:30. During our breaks, we have absolutely amazing meals made by the beautiful kitchen ladies. S

Cornerstone Team Blog

Hello from Haiti! It's already our second day here at Haiti Arise, and time is passing by quickly. The trip here went well, and we all arrived safely. Travelling from the airport to Haiti Arise is definitely a real eye-opener. When you're used to living in Canada, you're used to having certain amenities and living conditions. In Haiti, a lot of people don't have these, and live extremely different lives from us. This was evident as we traveled from the airport to the Haiti Arise compound. The difference is vast, and it is difficult to see and comprehend. What we as Canadians see as big problems don't even compare to what people face here. Day 1 had us arriving close to supper time, so

Divine Timing

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog: The team ended clinic with a bang, or should I say Kaboom! When we walked up to the clinic this morning we envisioned 90 patients to help, turning off the lights at 4:00 pm and maybe a quick walk to the beach…but soon reality hit and at 6:45 we trudged our wear souls up to the guesthouse after having seen 170ish patients. We are tired but have a feeling of great accomplishment that comes from hard work and a job well done. Again, interesting and curious pathology cases made its way through the doors of the doctors today. A 25 year old who came in because of a sore on her chin. Upon further investigation she regularly has boil like sores break out on her b

Loaves and Fishes

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog As the team pharmacist, my days are usually spent behind a small window through which we pass the completed prescriptions. The medical team pop in and out asking for treatment advice and I love the challenge of using what resources we have to fulfill the requests. My team consists Ezgar, a Haitian nurse, Scherlie, a Haitian pharmacy student in her final year, and our talented team member Denise who keeps me organized. We are fine tuning our system as we all worked together last year. We do take turns to get outside to ogle over some of the cutest babies or observe some patient/ doctor interaction. Today was a special day as I joined the group that went w

Clinic with a View

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog: Today we held a beach clinic at the beautiful but remote Bananier Beach, which is west of Grand Goave. We needed the assistance of our amazing Zanmitay Clinic staff and Pasto Marc founder and director of Haiti Arise and we were so pleased they were able to join us. Our interpreters are all young university students who get two ‘free’ weeks off every year, so they come to Haiti Arise to help us out. We arrived at the beach after a 1 ½ hour boat ride and set up the clinic under four palapas on soft white sand. Waiting for us were approximately 160 locals, some of whom had walked for miles from the other side of the mountain just to see the doctors. They

Heartbreak Hotel

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog: Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. It was a hard day in the clinic. Not in the number of people seen but the team had to deal with a few tough cases. For the Haitians, it` s just everyday life however. A young lady who first came in to our clinic yesterday for the first time was found to have end stage HIV disease. On return to the clinic today, she was carried in, unable to stand and significantly more weak. We arranged for her to be admitted in an HIV clinic and was transferred to the nearby Petit Goave Hospital, accompanied by Judith and Brian. Shortly after settling her in the ER department, we received a call that she passed away. Brian fro

Half Way

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog: Well…Day # 5 coming to a close and not a dull moment from sun up to sun down! Started the day off on the rooftop with a cup of Haitian coffee. Today was another fantastic day in the Clinic! It’s a shocking experience from my perspective in that I can send patients from my assessment room (door #3) two doors down to Door #5 where they can get an ULTRASOUND. Yet, we are having to make our own sharps containers with duct tape and empty medication bottles. I’ve learned that one of the best survival skills of being on this team is the ability to improvise. Highlight of the day for me….a visit to the Petit Goave Hospital. Yikes. Yesterday we sent a patient f


Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog: This post by Britt Well it was another wonderful day in the medical clinic. The team worked diligently, without complaint, to see 164 patients. Some of the team were given a blessing the past few days. After coming here for the past few years, we have seen patients come into the clinic that, when they leave, we believe we will never see again. Some were very young, some were very old and all those patients were very sick with little option of what to do to heal them. However, thanks to the grace of God, a few of those patients have walked into the clinic looking amazing. Many of you know the story of the woman that was transported out by helicopter

Village Stroll

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog Today was the first day of visiting patients in their homes. It was amazing to see how Haitian people live day to day. It really made me appreciate the life I have. They have so little yet you would never know it from their big smiles. While out in the village, I used a manual blood pressure monitor and a stethoscope to measure a patient’s blood pressure for the first time. Although I did not get the final measurement, it was a great learning experience as I am working to become a nurse. Team members have been great in asking me to perform certain tasks so that I can gain more medical skills. Over all these past few days have been nothing but amazing. From t

Give Me the Serenity to Accept the Things I Cannot Change

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog While all our friends and family were experiencing their first snowfall of the year, we mopped sweat from our dripping foreheads. Our team worked hard today and pushed their way through some very challenging situations, and while the challenges are great, the rewards are even greater. To be honest we saw some tough situations today and I am not too sure we can do anything about them. It is always a struggle to navigate these things especially in a limited resource country such as Haiti. Lucson is a 20 year old boy this team has been working with for a couple years now. Lucson is struggling with a brain tumor growing behind his pituitary gland and this has da

First Day of Many Firsts

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog Soooo.. First day of clinic and in the debriefing we used words like amazing (Denise), better( Carol), fun (Brit). And my word was unretired (is that even a word?). Today was special for me for many reasons, but especially seeing Woodly, a three year old boy my wife Elaine and I are sponsoring here. He is healthy and happy, growing and doing well, untill yesterday when he fell and broke his right thigh bone. We were able to set the bone and get him in a cast with a “cast” of dozens lending a hand. That’s what it‘s like here with an incredible team of dedicated professionals from all walks of life. There’s a window in orthopedics that is literally 7-14 day

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