We’ve gotta keep dreaming!

To dream again… life inevitably brings pain, tragedy, and struggle at some point in our journey. We fight or run to get back to normal, back to rest and renewal, back to comfortable. But what if you just can’t seem to get back there? What if you’re held in a constant pattern of trauma, short-fall, sickness, or abuse? When life drags us down this path, even as we fight and resist, it is almost impossible to dream, to look ahead to the future, to think that it could ever be different. Unfortunately, this is the story of so many. In Haiti, it’s the plight of at least 1 in 5 children, facing malnutrition, abandonment, abuse and no opportunity to education. 1 in 10 children actually become ‘resta

Looking a little deeper, past the surface.

« It was a dark and stormy night. ‘Antonio, Antonio, tell me a story!’ And so, Antonio began, ‘It was a dark and stormy night... » The story goes on to repeat itself, the perpetual round my dad loved to tell us anytime my nephew came to visit. Why? Because his name was Antonio and it was funny, even when it got old, to muse about what the story might be. I would imagine a pirate ship at sea, and embellish the story a little further each time in my head, even though dad would always go back to the beginning. When I sit down to write a blog about all the goings on in Haiti, this is how I often feel. The story feels repetitive, like we are forever seeking to propel forward, yet constant setback

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