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To Market We Shall Go!

We started our day with our usual 6:15 am wake up call from Vanessa and made our way down to breakfast. Shortly after though we had the opportunity to experience the Saturday Haitian marketplace. Talk about busy! No flea market in the states can even come close to how busy this place was. We had the chance to go to the river where hundreds of donkeys carried their owners produce down from the mountain (about a 4 hour trip for them one way btw). An incredible site to see as they all crossed the river to make it to market.

The market has just about anything and everything for sell from clothing and spices to on the spot butchered meats and fresh baked bread that we have been stuffing our faces with every day here at Haiti Arise. It's simply delicious bread. The energy level at the market is so high and loud that Lisa and I pretty much wanted to stay and shop till we dropped.

I've never said BonJour more times in under 30 minutes in my life.

Following lunch it was time to hit the beach for a real Caribbean baptism! That's right, this gal got a solid holy dunk in the sea along with Meika, Brandon, Kathleen and Tom. Hands down the best experience of my life! We even got to experience have a fresh lobster lunch for the whopping price of $10! Fish was the other option but I mean FRESH Lobster from the water ya just got baptized in for that price?! Yes Please! We did a little beach shopping from the locals that

were nearby and then walked our way back to Haiti Arise.

I must add that each day we have gone out and about we have gotten to see the most beautiful people that truly understand what "community" really means. You say Bonswa and you get a huge smile and a Bonswa in return. The children though, oh how precious! On our walk just to the beach today we saw about 15 little children playing around a tree then we hear "hey you!, hey you!" as they all come running toward our group they each latched onto each of our hands and proceeded to walk us all down to the end of the road where they all said "bye-bye" to us. Their friendliness is infectious!

Of course we each miss our families and friends dearly. All my love to Anthony and my kids, my mom, Ceci and Joce, Bonita, Spot and brothers and all ya'll. XOXO

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