Be Still & Know

It’s been an interesting weekend to say the least, watching a worldwide pandemic unfold moment by moment and the swift actions each organization, business, school and government have taken to resist this thing. If you were anything like me last week, I was cynical thinking that this was not as big a deal that people were making it out to be. I mean, for hand sanitizer to sell out all across the country, then a mad rush to buy up every case of toilet paper just seemed ludicrous to me. Who is going to go through five cases of toilet paper even in a year? This is not even a gastrointestinal illness and I couldn’t understand why soap wasn’t (and still isn’t) selling out instead of hand sanitizer

Happy Thursday!

Happiness is........ Smiling faces.... Their bright eyes. Watching them have fun. Happy Thursday everyone.

It's a Workin' Wednesday

We are back at it this morning. Mike and Vernon are working on the cabinets, Bill continuing on with the electrical at the birthing centre, and Colleen servicing the sewing machines from the Tech school. Wade and Anel have been painting the team rooms. When Wade is finished this one, they will all be freshly repainted. For those out there that like to stay in the room with the balcony, it is getting a new air conditioner installed in it -- just for you! This is what you get when Mike poses for a picture.....pure silly.

Moving Forward

We have arrived at a season of moving forward here at Haiti ARISE. A small crew of some good friends have come for a couple of weeks to lend a hand. Bill and Vernon are working on the plumbing and electrical on the birthing centre. They each have a couple of students from our Tech school to work with them so they can get some practical experience. Mike is working on the cabinetry for duplex #3 at the Children's Village so that we can get it completed. The sooner it is completed, the sooner we can get a couple more families settled in this beautiful home. Bill and Vernon also plan to work on the completion of the plumbing and electrical for the duplex. Colleen is also with us to check out

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