God Is On The Move

Hello again from beautiful Haiti. I will apologize right off for the lack of photo sharing on here. I know it’s nice to see a visual of what is going on but much of the mission work we are doing here is very intimate and pictures are not an option in most situations. As Linda Lee mentioned in the last post, we went to the hospital in Petit-Goave last Thursday and prayed and sang over the patients and their families. I wanted to add a little more detail to our time there. We had originally planned on laying hands on people and praying for specific needs as requested by each family, but through past experiences with other teams, it was learned that the best way to do things was to pray for

New Adventures of Grace Gate

Hello everyone back in the States! We have been here in Haiti for 5 or so days. We went to the Hospital in Peti Goave and prayed with the people in five different sections of the Hospital. We sang Amazing Grace in A Cappella in each section and handed out 80 hygiene bags. We went to Haiti Arise’s clinic on the grounds and gave a devotional and asked if anyone wanted us to pray for them. At least ten people, if not a few more came and asked for prayer. That was just about 25% of the people there. It was beautiful to say the least. Haiti is a place of material poor people but they are soooo rich in gratitude, warmth, and the love of God. The twinkle I saw in two women’s eyes I exchanged gr

A Day Late

The Grace Gate Team has officially arrived in Haiti! It’s hot, it’s humid, and it’s absolutely beautiful! First and foremost we once again want to thank our incredible family back home who are lifting us and praying for us. Not only have we felt it, but we have already seen God moving in incredible ways. One of our first big hurdles was just getting everyone here safe and healthy. Travel offers a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong, especially when you have 4 separate flights, a variety of luggage, and an overnight stay in the airport followed by 7 extremely sleepy travelers entering into a foreign country. Two of our team members (Jakob and Jannie) were on the trip here to Haiti

Grace Gate Church 2018

We are excited to have a team here from Grace Gate Church this year. They are a group of fun loving and inspired folks. Stay tuned for their adventures for the next week.

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