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Haiti ARISE Ministries Society - Membership

The Board of directors recognizes that it is both right and appropriate to be influenced by the interest of invested volunteers and financial supporters  ‘known as Members’ that are affected by board decisions. The membership group of will meet annually for a board governance annual report, as well as to provide insight through input surveys, open forums, and focused group discussions, with the oversight and direction of the board.

Responsibilities and Requirements

Unlimited Membership

The membership group will consist of individuals with a vested interest in Haiti ARISE Ministries Society. This group will be unlimited in numbers and will work together in being a positive influential public voice for the ministry.


Time – Talent – Treasure Principle

The Membership will be expected to use their Time, Talent and Treasures to invest in Haiti ARISE Ministries Society to ensure positive growth for the future. This means that those of this membership body must give in one or more ways by contributing voluntarily of their time, their abilities and gifting, and of their material resources for the purpose of building up the organization and it`s ministries.


Annual Fee

Members will pay an annual individual membership fee of $100.00, which will be non- receipted.


Annual Meeting Attendance

Members will be required to attend the Haiti ARISE Ministries Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) at minimum every second year.


Members Character Requirement

Members will respect and honour the core values of Haiti ARISE Ministries Society.

Member Benefits

There are four specific areas of membership benefits:


1.  When requested by the Board, members will have the opportunity to provide insight, input, and feedback to the Board on related topics, issues and future opportunities within the organization.


2.  The membership group will have priority consideration for position nominations of the Board, open staff positions, and on Board appointed committees at the request of the Board.


3.  When there are Board Elections, the Members will have the opportunity to nominate two candidates on a yearly basis, from the membership group.


4.  The Members will have the privilege of being able to influence Board decision.

Member Initiative Meetings

The Membership may assemble, independent of the Board, functioning under the oversight of the Board and subject to this BSPM and all its requirements relevant to the Members. Meetings shall be called as on as-needed basis, with one month's notice with the oversight of the CGO, to foster community within the Membership group and develop ideas and strategies, approved by a majority for presentation to the Board at the next Board meeting for consideration and possible adoption. There will be no expense reimbursement to the Membership for initiative meetings.

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Member Involvement Questionnaire

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