And Then There Was One

And then there was one - one last full day to finish up our projects, take one last dip in the ocean, and reflect on all we have seen, experienced, and will never forget. And then there is One - the One Who oversees it all, Who loves the Haitian people, Who is compassionate and merciful, and Whose tears fill the oceans over the injustice and suffering in this country. Haiti has been classified as a 4th world country, a country with no hope of recovering from the natural disasters and poverty. And then there is One Who is not subject to the limitations of world leaders or intimidated by the world's opinion or classifications. One in Whom the hope of Haiti rests and depends upon. One Who in

The Home Stretch

The last few days have been quite busy. We continued to haul bricks, but this time, instead of counting bricks, we looked for critters ... and we found them. There were crickets, beetles, large jumping (yes, jumping) spiders, geckos, ants, and snakes. None liked the disruption to their homes. One Haitian worker saw our careful scrutiny and offered to debug the bricks. Unfortunately, he got ahead of us and by the time we picked up the bricks, some of the "tenants" had moved back in. We also took on a painting job at the Children's Village and the playground at the compound school. The tires on the skid steer were changed to gel tires wearing 400 - 500 lbs each. The purpose for these tir

The Oceans Whispered

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth ... and on the third day, gathered the waters together. God saw that it was good ... and He rested on the seventh day." (Genesis 1) Today is Sunday, a day of rest. The Church service this morning was long, but it was evident that the Haitian believers never tire of worship. The afternoon was spent at the beach. The ocean is cool, clear, and the view of the surrounding hillsides is breathtaking. Most people describe the ocean as "roaring", but if you listen carefully, you will hear it whisper ... "Rest. Breathe. Be still. I AM. What a sharp contrast to the world we will be returning to in a few days. The Haitians don't have what

Up, Up the Mountain

It's hard to believe it's Friday already! Today we decided to take a day trip to Jacmel, which is a port town on the South coast of Haiti. It's only 61 KM away from Grand Goave but it takes at least a couple of hours to get there. It's basically like being on a roller coaster. Not a relaxing drive by any means!! However - it's intensely beautiful. As beautiful as it is though, it's impossible not to see how desperate the conditions are for the people who live here. The burden of life in Haiti is a heavy one. A few days ago we had a church service and here are some things that have stuck with me: ~ Each person God has called is responsible for something. Take God's call on your life

The Numbers Game

Today's blog starts with a skill-testing question: The ladies' work in the morning ended with the number 250. What would this be? a) 250 sweat glands activated b) 250 bricks carried from the stock pile to the duplex c) 250 new muscles discovered The answer is b). c) may also prove to be true; only time will tell. The ladies spent the morning helping the Haitian men build the walls of the duplex. It was hot, difficult work. One by one the 45-55 lb bricks were carried to a spot in the duplex near where the walls were being built. They learned quickly to avoid the dust of the concrete cutter and to check the bricks for stowaways. One of the ladies carried a brick to the pile, slung it up

The Ants Come Marching ...

There are ants in Haiti - 3 different kinds. There are the miniscule ants that hide in the grass and bite your feet, There's no point in jumping around trying to shake them off unless your goal is to entertain onlookers ... There are the social ants who are the cutest (and most curious) little children you've ever seen. As the ladies painted the fence near the school, they were swarmed by preschool-Grade 1 children, smiling timidly under big brown eyes. Painting had to be suspended until school was out to prevent the children from getting paint on their school uniforms. Then there are the worker ants - a hard-working group of Haitian men who are constructing the 3rd duplex in the Childre

We've Arrived!

Greetings from beautiful Haiti! Martensville Baptist Church Team and friends have arrived! It's been a long two days of travel, but we've arrived! It was a bit of a shock (although a pleasant one) to leave Canada which was just coming out of deep freeze, and land in a country of green vegetation and temperatures above 25 C. The trip was relatively uneventful. Our flights were all on time and all of our luggage arrived with us, although we did manage to gain a "body bag" en route. Shortly after arrival, we took a quick tour of the compound, stopping in at the technical school to observe a class of young adults learning some basic sewing skills. We have not been given our "assignments" yet,

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