Though riots and protests have calmed, there is still an uneasiness.

It’s been a full week since returning back from Haiti and all news seems to have moved on to other stories. I was utterly exhausted after returning home, as was Miesha. We both probably slept solid for three full afternoons. The adrenaline of being in a high stress situation for a sustained amount of time suddenly catches up once all seems to return to normal. I remember these same feelings in dealing with other disasters in the past, the biggest one being the earthquake of 2010. This was by far a mild inconvenience compared to the utter destruction that followed that disaster and the PTSD that both Marc and I sustained then lasted us almost 6 months to a year. Thankfully, this time was just

Haiti Unrest Update

Our mission trip started out like any team. Plans for the Northwest Mennonite Conference team of 24 representing 5 churches from Alberta had come together for the women to help Haiti ARISE host a women’s conference and the men on the team to work on construction projects on our third duplex in Arise Children’s Village from Feb 3-13. Eight out of the 10 days trip went all as planned with a 4-day conference hosting just over 100 women filled with powerful ministry and lots of fun, and the men completing electrical installation and tiling of the floors in the new duplex that will soon house two families for orphans, abandoned and rescued slave children in Grand-Goave, where our main campuses ar

Update from the ground - Part 2

UPDATE: All team members have now been safely evacuated from our Haiti Arise campus. The first group have arrived safely to Miami and the remaining are waiting at the airport for the next flights out of Port-au-Prince! 🇭🇹🙏

Update from on the Ground

It’s early morning (6am) in Haiti and the team waits for the helicopter to arrive! 🇭🇹 The helicopter has arrived! 🙌. The first group are getting briefed and ready to board. They will make the short 15 minute flight to Port-au-Prince airport and then the chopper will circle back and make 2 additional trips to get everyone! Our first group of nine got lifted to the airport and 8 got on the 9:40 flight out of Haiti. One is waiting at the airport for the rest to arrive. The helicopter company has four groups to pick up in Grand Goave so they’re on their way back to get our second group of 9, then are alternately taking another group out. They have to do all four trips before 5pm when it start


UPDATE FROM HAITI ARISE We've just received word from Marc and Lisa on the ground at Haiti ARISE that they are asking for prayer as they are arranging to be airlifted out by helicopter today. "The situation in the country is escalating after the president addressed the nation yesterday. The opposition is still fighting and blocking roads. There’s no way to get out by road. Please pray for safe passage! We'll keep you updated." - Marc and Lisa Honorat Please share and be praying! Pray for the people and the country of Haiti! #prayforhaiti #peacebestill #haiti

Hanging out in Haiti

As some of you might know— or more likely all of you— we did not leave today, but we are fine where we are and won’t head to the airport until it is safe. Yesterday the men went back to do more work on the children’s village and made lots of progress. The electrical work is nearly complete but the tiling will continue to keep them busy. The women went to the beach. I got to work on a presentation for when we get home, which I enjoyed. I didn’t think I’d miss being busy or being cold all the time, but every once in a while it’s hard not to. It’s not bad though— being “stranded”. We’re all enjoying a well deserved rest (except the ones who are working on the children’s village of course). Ye


CALL TO PRAYER FOR HAITI Civil unrest and massive protests are taking place all over the country right now. Nothing is open, schools have been closed all week and roadblocks are preventing anyone from being able to travel. The protests are in response to serious price hikes, inflation, and plummeting Haitian gourds exchange going from $1 US to 65gds to now 82gds in just a matter of months. The people want President Jovenel Moïse to resign. We have a team of 24 here from Alberta. We held an amazing women’s conference that was so powerful! The team was scheduled to leave today, but now with the unrest, travel is impossible and they are stuck here till the roadblocks clear. Our staff and volunt

A Fulfilling Ending

Just in case you did not know, we are all good. We are all completely safe at Haiti ARISE. It has come to my attention that some of you reading this don't know much about me, and I have been requested to give myself a bit of an introduction. If your observant you may have noticed that my name is Ayva, and if your extremely observant you will have noticed that I have the same last name as one of the pastors of the NWMC. I'm currently 16 and if you see me in real life you'll probably notice my shortness. I live in a house in the country with seven other people and to strangers I come off really quiet. Today we did a ton more stuff. All the guys went off to work at the chilren's village, and th

A Day Full of Dancing

Today lots of interesting stuff happened. One of the most prominent of these was the woman dancing (although not for the men because they all were working). There is a video. Watch it. I was helping Joan clean up the craft when Rhonda came rushing in saying that the woman were dancing. Moments later I was walking down the dirt road under the sun and I could hear the music coming from the church. When I got there I saw all the woman standing and dancing. It looked like a mass of loud chaos to me. Suddenly there seemed to be three times as many woman in the church. I made my way to the front where the music was so loud I could feel the vibrations in

Yon Jou Gran

Today started earlier for me, or maybe I should say on time. Today was the first day of the woman's conference and I was sent to be part of the group to greet people as they entered the church building. The church is very big, by my standards anyways, and it's open to the air on two sides so you can see the green all around. The woman came slowly, some of them very early which was unexpected. One thing we noted as we greeted woman and handed them bags and things was how elegantly they dressed. You could tell they had truly worn their best, something that back at home I know people at church don't always do. After that was a worship service, which was really quite amazing. The music was loud

The REAL First Day

Today started with me waking up late, and it was entirely my fault since the night before I had set my alarm a half hour early. We began our day with Pastor Damon leading us in devotions on the roof. It was a great way to start the day, reminding us to focus on the Lord throughout what we would be doing today. I can't tell you what everybody did because I don't even know, but I do know that everyone was working hard. After breakfast I went with Judy as her helper. I moved tables. Packed bags. Unwrapped scarves. Packed more bags. It sounds dreary in words but I actually quite enjoyed working with Judy and talking with her. Sometimes it seems, the best way to really get to know a person is to

First Day in Haiti

After arriving in Haiti the first thing I noticed was the heat-- not necessarily the intense heat of an oven but a stifling humid heat that clings to your skin and makes you feel sticky. After getting out of the airport the team was divided into two big vans, and I sat in the back corner of one while a whole lot of our luggage was piled on top of the vehicle. I remember the giddy excitement I felt as we left the airport and saw our first real taste of the country. I immediately thought of Guatemala and the missions trip I had gone on there. It was a bitter-sweet memory, but soon it was lost as the similarities between the two trips began to slowly decline in my mind. What I think a lot of us

Birthday Celebration in Miami

Hi everybody, We made it safely to Miami today. Above is a picture of our wonderful mound of baggage. Thankfully we have not lost any of it ( that we know of ). We are all really tired, but happy and excited to leave for Haiti tomorrow morning. We ate at the restaurant in the airport for supper and there we celebrated Zach and Jason's birthdays. Below you can see how we (quite appropriately) tortured them into answering questions and such. It is nice and warm here and we are all enjoying it. We should arrive in PAP at about 9:00 am tomorrow and should be out to Haiti ARISE by about 1:00 pm. Thank you for your prayers and support as we continue our missions trip. :)

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