Petit-Paradis (St Pierre)

First of all, in case you’re wondering the final numbers for the conference was over 500 participants from at least 35 churches from across the region! Praise God! These young leaders are encouraged and empowered to change their communities and their nations! They also made a bunch of USB sticks to distribute to the pastors to bring back to their churches and help share the teaching they’ve received. Today we experienced an amazing God led expedition as we entered into the heart of Haiti. We piled into our convoy and ventured out under the cover of the native mango trees, sheltering our pale skin from the scorching rays of the sun. We were on our way to distribute water filters to a small co

A New Hope! (St. Pierre)

We five leaders start every morning at 6:45am to meet together, pray, discuss the schedule for the day, and talk about this wonderful team of youth we have! It was another great morning of powerful worship as the conference geared up for its last day. Today saw some of the most Spirit led preaching of the conference, and all the teaching/skits/testimonies/dances/worship was so well received. Even the schedule changes led to powerful encounters. God was clearly orchestrating the whole conference. For example, at the end of the conference, the group was really looking forward to doing their best skit, but it looked like there wasn’t going to be time. They handled that disappointment well, but

Youth Conference! (St. Pierre)

We started the day by taking initiative to help prepare 600+ buns with peanut butter for the conference. The room was quite hot but we made it through with the help of some music! Sometimes the small things make a really big difference, the kitchen ladies made a note of chasing down Mark to let him know we were a big help. Good to know we weren’t getting in the way! We had another great day at the conference. Pastor Roosevelt (a Haitian speaker) preached the best 13 point sermon we’ve ever heard, but yes, it was reeeeeeaaaalllllly long. In the afternoon Pastor Roosevelt, Pastor Samuel, and Pastor Troy split up and each took a group of attendees for a teaching session (men, women, and church

Church Hype in Haiti (St. Pierre)

Today we woke up to the beautiful sound of Melissa’s soft melodic voice that jumped us out of bed. We slowly made our way downstairs to eat pancakes the size of our faces. “It’s so fluffy I’m going to die”. Today marks the first day of the highly anticipated 3 day Youth Conference! The buzz around this conference has been unreal; the pl anning team has really focused in on inviting and targeting the key leaders of the next generation. Over 30 churches from across the region have sent their key young leaders and youth to come get training and be empowered! Many have travelled very long distances and overcome many difficult challenges just to be here. There were around 300 young Haitian leader

Burn Baby Burn (St. Pierre)

GOOOOOODMOOOOORNING HAITI!! Today we awoke to the sweet call of the Haitian roosters and set off to fill our bellies with a delicious creamy porridge. Little did we know our day would be filled with work, exhaustion, sweat, wasps, and lots of laughter. Half of us assembled the 325 water filters that we brought down with us and installed them on pails we bought locally. Meanwhile, the other half of the team had the privilege of painting Haiti Arise’s medical centre. To our dismay, we discovered how horrendous the Haitian sun, as well as the Haitian wasps can truly be. Few of us were left standing to see the job done. One quickly discovers how many layers of sunscreen it takes to combat the re

Grace Baptist Church

We are thrilled to have another brand new team join us here for the Youth Conference. This team is from Grace Baptist Church in Airdrie, AB. Also, joining us for his annual visit to help out is Barrie, also from Airdrie. Check out their blog on Pastor Samuel's website....

St. Pierre, MB meets Grand-Goâve, Haiti

Our journey began in St. Pierre, Manitoba and many blessings were soon to come. A lost passport was found, a blizzard was dodged, we were approached by complete strangers in the airport who prayed over us and blessed us, and another stranger helped out by paying money towards our meals at the airport, and another waitress took money off our bill. We also had a extremely friendly border security guard that made crossing the border easy! We had a very short six hours trying to sleep in a freezing loud airport wasn’t the greatest but we were blessed with a gift of free pillows and blankets and also free food. God has been good to us! Our first hour in Haiti we were excited that all of our lugga

St Pierre Fellowship

Welcome! St Pierre Fellowship team from southern Manitoba. They are 'first timers' to Haiti ARISE and we are excited to have them here to take part in our annual Youth Conference next week.

Travel Day Home

Well after getting somewhat caught up on sleep, felt it was time to do a final blog. Final day of travel started at 3:15 am Haiti time to get ready for a long day of travel. We arrived at airport in PAP to start the long day of flying. We flew to Fort Lauderdale and to start the customs clearing process the team all made it through with little issues except for Stacey. She was directed to a line that seemed like she would be in for hours. The rest of the team went onto baggage claim and had a few bags take exceptionally long coming off the plane. We prayed for quick processing for Stacey. The team carried onto a different terminal and by the time we checked in and our bags in and cleared sec

Welcome to the Kingdom Brothers & Sisters

Today was a day that God used to advance His kingdom and allowed us to participate in His work. Many of us began our day back at the home building site feeling enthusiastic & grateful to work alongside the Haitians and to be a blessing to Haitian families in need. Little did we know that God had bigger plans for our team today. We moved blocks, mixed & shoveled mortar & I of course spent time with a dozen or so Haitian children. Toward the end of our morning Marc came to the site and began talking with an older gentleman. Part way through the conversation Marc shouted out for the team to come down to this man. What lay next to his home was a large pole with painted stripes on it - vood

First roof on, five on the go.

It's hard to believe that day 8 is coming to a close. It has been very rewarding to be back in Haiti and we are blessed to be part of the team from The Link. It has been such fun to be part of this group. Norm returned with the crew to the house building site where the first house received a tin roof today. Jurgen was able to use his skills working with a Haitian carpenter putting the rafters up. The Haitian carpenter then added the tin. It was extra special to get a photo of the couple who will receive the house. Delynn and Cindy became weight lifters as they carried rocks, blocks and mud while helping with another house while Steve played with the kids. (Just kidding) The girls pl

It was a fantastic day in Haiti

Our day started with me having to rescue two of our girls who were locked in the guest house due to the fact that..........well, lets just say they were locked in. We started the day in church here at Haiti Arise. When we arrived, the people of the church were already singing, and on a day when there was no sound equipment or instruments to help with worship, it was not needed as the people sang from the top of their lungs. There was never a lull, or a quiet time as everyone, from young to old sang to the Lord. I am always so moved when I see the enthusiasm of the Haitian people when they worship. Something we can take to heart. The reason we had no equipment is because Mark and Lisa are

Any day that starts with pancakes is going to be a great day!!

Day started out with an awesome breakfast of my favourite - pancakes!! Work projects consisted of sanding a table for the tech school sewing class and home building in the nearby community. Also some of the team went to the local market for the Haitian experience of their superstore. The community of Petit Paradis is where we are building the homes and there is great need here. We have two houses ready for roofs and the other two are all blocked and ready for beams and roofs. The houses being built are a considerable upgrade from what the families are currently living in. These homes house between 5 - 7 Haitians. We took some clothes up to the community this morning and were met with more ki

God can do the 'Impossible Things '

When we all arrived here in Haiti...Steve mentioned that The Lord had spoken to each of us and called out to us to do ' his calling'. When we acknowledge to God that we want to give back to him for all of his blessings that he gives to us, it can be a challenge to many when he directs us. His calling is determined by him and he gives us the power to do many amazing things. I have had a challenge of dealing with a propane convection oven that has never been hooked up in 2 years and was still sitting in its packaged box. Getting it out of the box was the easy part.....getting it upright on its 4 legs was a challenge. In all it took 5 guys to get it upright on just 2 legs and then had to hold

Haiti - Day 4 through the eyes of a newbie

Today's adventure was the concrete pour on the roof of the 3rd duplex in the Children's Village. I wondered last night what I could expect from this event. Steve explained that a couple of Haitian men would mix the cement on the ground and pass it up by way of a tiered scaffolding system in 5 gallon buckets to the roof and ferried along via a 'bucket brigade' to the spot needed. Seemed pretty straight forward, right? Well, on site this morning I got a much better appreciation of this process in action. A large group of Haitians were already going strong, moving cement across the roof in wheel barrows. The guys were gracious enough to include us, "Blances" in their work, and the wheel barrow

Pastor Jim Stayed Home... And Prayed!

Lets get this straight. I am blogging tonight by default because I am the only team member still awake after the hard work day in the heat. Today was a good day as most of the team continued to help build homes on the side of mountain. I was not sure if I should call it a hill or a mountain but after putting a 93 pound bag of cement on my head to transport some up to the house I knew that the top would have been impossible to reach with out a rest. By no means can our team take the credit for all of this hard work as without our Haitian Brothers working along side of us not much would get accomplished. Our team has started to build community with Men, Women and Children around the job site b

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