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A day to remember

Hey everyone! Brandon McCloskey here! What an absolutely amazing trip so far. Today is day 4. Crazy to think that tomorrow marks the halfway mark. I am so fortunate and blessed to be alongside 9 other people who have become like family to me. Our team leaders are absolutely inspiring and caring and have really helped me set many of my fears aside. Coming to Haiti I wasn't sure what to expect and when I arrived I had a lot of fear that I wouldn't have been able to help. I quickly learned what our task was and what the future days would hold and my fears were easily gone.

Today began as usual with a 6:00am wake up. Our devotional time was absolutely amazing as one of our team member brought a very appropriate message given our trip here and what the future days hold. By about 8:30am we headed over to the children's village to continue work on the duplex. Everyone immediately took up the project they were working on the day before. I was so proud of the team. No one had to be asked or told we just did what we had to do. I seriously love these people. My task was to take care of the exterior ceiling. My mom always said when painting "The walls are thirsty!" This was no exception this brand new concrete needs multiple coats!

We took a break at 10:30am when the kids school let out to go and visit with them! It was so awesome. All you had to do was have your hands free and they just latched on and showed unconditional love! I love my time here. These kids have opened my eyes to feelings and emotions I didn't know possible. We played with them until their break ended and we returned to our project.

About noon we finished for the day and returned to Haiti Arise for lunch. We were briefed on the rest of the day and at 3pm we headed over to the on site school and met the 5 fortunate students who will participate in the goat program. Which affords an child who's financial situation would probably not allow them to purchase a goat. They are being trained on how to care for and raise the animal and once they graduate will take home a goat and care for it for Haiti Arise! A worthy program that has won my heart and is now on my list of programs to donate to when I get back home.

4:45pm dinner followed by the 5:10pm bible study and worship. I was absolutely excited to find out that we would be praying over sick and injured people. Worship was amazing even though I didn't know the words the Holy Spirit led it all. When they did an altar call for the sick a small group came forth and we prayed for them. As the group dispersed another call was made and as we were praying for a little baby boy we looked back and saw a large group had gathered. My team saddled up and went to work anointing their head with oil and prayed and believed for healing and restoration. Healing was in that room! God had his hand all over the place. After praying worship intensified and we were dancing in the isles and worshipping God!

We had our usual end of day gathering as a team and spoke over all that had happened. We were still on such a Holy Spirit high. We laughed and giggled about everything. I love these people, did I say that already? I can't wait to see what the remaining days hold for us. May God continue to bless Haiti, the Haitian people, Haiti Arise, and us!

Hello to my mom, my sister, and my cat! I am fine and will see you soon!

May God bless you and keep you! Brandon McCloskey

The Father's House Haiti Mission Team 2018

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