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The Oceans Whispered

"In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth ... and on the third day, gathered the waters together. God saw that it was good ... and He rested on the seventh day." (Genesis 1)

Today is Sunday, a day of rest. The Church service this morning was long, but it was evident that the Haitian believers never tire of worship.

The afternoon was spent at the beach. The ocean is cool, clear, and the view of the surrounding hillsides is breathtaking. Most people describe the ocean as "roaring", but if you listen carefully, you will hear it whisper ... "Rest. Breathe. Be still. I AM.

What a sharp contrast to the world we will be returning to in a few days. The Haitians don't have what we have (by our standards). Is it possible that they have more of what really matters?

Rest ... Breathe. Be still... I AM.


On a lighter note, the ladies discovered the 250 new muscles.

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