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The Ants Come Marching ...

There are ants in Haiti - 3 different kinds. There are the miniscule ants that hide in the grass and bite your feet, There's no point in jumping around trying to shake them off unless your goal is to entertain onlookers ...

There are the social ants who are the cutest (and most curious) little children you've ever seen. As the ladies painted the fence near the school, they were swarmed by preschool-Grade 1 children, smiling timidly under big brown eyes. Painting had to be suspended until school was out to prevent the children from getting paint on their school uniforms.

Then there are the worker ants - a hard-working group of Haitian men who are constructing the 3rd duplex in the Children's Village, These men endure the hot Haitian sun to manually make and lay bricks for the walls of the next home of vulnerable children rescued from desperate situations.

Today the men in our crew assisted with hauling bricks at the construction site, built steps at the Church, and replaced fans in the guest house - a productive day.

We're settling into a routine and looking forward to taking our turn helping at the Children's Village.

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