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We've Arrived!

Martensville Baptist Church Team and Friends

Greetings from beautiful Haiti!

Martensville Baptist Church Team and friends have arrived!

It's been a long two days of travel, but we've arrived! It was a bit of a shock (although a pleasant one) to leave Canada which was just coming out of deep freeze, and land in a country of green vegetation and temperatures above 25 C.

The trip was relatively uneventful. Our flights were all on time and all of our luggage arrived with us, although we did manage to gain a "body bag" en route.

Shortly after arrival, we took a quick tour of the compound, stopping in at the technical school to observe a class of young adults learning some basic sewing skills. We have not been given our "assignments" yet, but will learn more about the work we will be doing tomorrow.

Our team consists of 1 member from British Columbia, 1 member from Alberta, and 3 members from Saskatchewan. Although we are small in number, we are trusting God to use our efforts to further His Kingdom work this week. If history repeats itself, we may have some interesting adventures to report along the way!

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