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Vacation Bible School

Hello there fellow readers,

So to continue with our update here in Grand Guave, today kept us quite busy..again! We had an early start to our day, starting with a delicious breakfast of porridge. When we were all ready to hit the grind, a few of us varnished the pews that were finished and others went back to help at the children’s village to continue laying brick. With a few water breaks here and there to re-energize, we managed to get a lot done before lunch rolled around. We enjoyed a great meal together and got to relax a little before planning the afternoon.

The afternoon consisted of getting things organized for VBS and making sure things were ready to go before the kids arrived at the church. We had a group of boys and girls (around 110) arrive at the church around 2 o’clock and were very excited! We started off with a few worship songs that the kids were familiar with and got to sing along thanks to our wonderful translators! They enjoyed a little short story of the prodigal son before they headed off to crafts and games! We had the kids split into two groups and one group got to make little bracelets with beads while the other group played a few games of red light green light. We then got all the boys and girls together and attempted to play a game of octopus which resulted in them running as fast as they could and tackling us to the ground! It was a delightful afternoon full of smiles and laughter and we get to plan round 2 tomorrow for the older kids!

After supper, we attended the church for praise and worship. Although the church felt like a little oven it was a wonderful experience to praise God with the Haitian people in town. It was so wonderful to see how on fire they are for the Lord. They were not afraid to sing out loud and raise their hands and worship with all their hearts to our Creator. I admire so much that they’re able to express their joy in such a way and are so thankful for the little they have. To end off the evening we gathered together on the rooftop of the building to go over our day and pray under the stars and prepare ourselves for another busy and rewarding day ahead of us!

Larissa Eymann on behalf of the Cornerstone Team

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