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What a wonderful time it has been here in Grand Goave, Haiti!. It has been so good getting to know each person on our team better! What a great/fun team we are!! Here's a few pieces of information that you may not have heard yet: There have been 15 short pews made and stained twice, ready for use, 10 long pews made and have been stained once; we have used a total of 5 gallons of stain/varnish, 7 gallons of white paint (in the new school), 7 gallons of cream-colored paint (in the Tech School).

This afternoon some of our team had the privilege of going out into the community and do some visiting and meeting people in their backyards. What a blessing it was, we met one couple where the man was totally blind, they were so welcoming and we were able to pray for them. A beautiful christian couple, they requested prayer for continued knowledge of God and that their faith would grow. The second place we stopped at was right next door to a voodoo temple! The gentleman there was also interested in what we were doing in Haiti and allowed us to pray for him. I can't imagine what it would be like as a christian living next to this temple. The last place was speaking to a group of women and their children, they also were receptive to us sharing a testimony and also praying for them. For most of us this visitation took us out of our comfort zone, but God helped us share testimonies and prayer time. So if you are reading this please remember to also pray for these individuals.

God is so present and at work here at Haiti Arise, it is so exciting to see what He is doing here. The fact that they need more pews because there are so many people attending church is so encouraging. One of the highlights for me is to worship together with the people here Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday! Also worshipping together with the team on the roof, under the moonlight has been awesome! Another highlight was meeting the little boy that I sponsor! He is absolutely cute and very shy!

Tomorrow we will visit the local market and then maybe some beach therapy!!!! Thank you all for your prayers!

Loretta Penner on behalf of the Cornerstone Team

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