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Broken Bobcat and Progress

Hello again! It’s Abby:)

We’ve been quite busy today starting and finishing new projects! The painting crew (including many members of our team as well as members of the Crossroad team) have kept busy in finishing painting the cafeteria at the Technical School and the upstairs bathrooms. We also started on the church pews. The sanding is finished and 10 of 25 pews are done being built. There are also a few who were continuing on the duplex. Although the Bobcat broke down, they managed to finish the foundation and started laying the bricks!

These projects started around 8 am and continued until 4/4:30. During our breaks, we have absolutely amazing meals made by the beautiful kitchen ladies. Some of us are loving to play with the kids in between projects; even though it can be more tiring than the work we’re doing, the joy that is seen on their faces is worth it. We play games that almost get louder than the kids at recess (they’re playing right now and yelling). And finally simply drinking water and chatting.

God is at work in Haiti!! At the end of the evening, we got an opportunity to hear Mark Honorat’s testimony and his original vision for Haiti Arise. He described how everything that is being built and used in Haiti Arise, originated from a vision, from God, to change the dynamic of a voodoo centralized community. It is absolutely amazing to see how God can work in crazy ways when he has a humbled soul with a willing heart. And really that’s all it takes. Mark mentioned that they founded the organization in 2003. That means it’s been 15 years and look what’s happened! They’re changing lives every day through education, water, food, shelter, and by building relationships. I think in a world so filled with chaos and busyness, we tend to forget that our God simply and so purely wants our heart.

Anyways please continue to pray for us!! Please pray for our VBS that we’ll be hosting tomorrow. That the kids will be coming with open hearts, and that God would be planting & growing seeds in their lives. Please pray for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength for everyone down here as everyone continues to adapt. And finally for protection of the compound, community, and everyone involved in this ministry!!

God Bless!

Abby Lane on behalf of the Cornerstone Team

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