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Civil unrest and massive protests are taking place all over the country right now. Nothing is open, schools have been closed all week and roadblocks are preventing anyone from being able to travel.

The protests are in response to serious price hikes, inflation, and plummeting Haitian gourds exchange going from $1 US to 65gds to now 82gds in just a matter of months. The people want President Jovenel Moïse to resign.

We have a team of 24 here from Alberta. We held an amazing women’s conference that was so powerful! The team was scheduled to leave today, but now with the unrest, travel is impossible and they are stuck here till the roadblocks clear.

Our staff and volunteers on the ground at Haiti ARISE are safe and we are actively monitoring the situation.

What can we do...we can PRAY! For the next 48 hours, we are calling on our friends, churches, and partners to gather together, lean in and pray for Haiti. On the ground at Haiti ARISE we will be praying too! Let's together PRAY FOR PEACE IN HAITI!

'Open the gates that the righteous nation may enter, the nation that keeps faith. You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast because they trust in you. Trust in the Lord forever, for the Lord, the Lord himself is the Rock eternal.' Isaiah 26:2-4

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