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Hanging out in Haiti

As some of you might know— or more likely all of you— we did not leave today, but we are fine where we are and won’t head to the airport until it is safe. Yesterday the men went back to do more work on the children’s village and made lots of progress. The electrical work is nearly complete but the tiling will continue to keep them busy. The women went to the beach. I got to work on a presentation for when we get home, which I enjoyed. I didn’t think I’d miss being busy or being cold all the time, but every once in a while it’s hard not to.

It’s not bad though— being “stranded”. We’re all enjoying a well deserved rest (except the ones who are working on the children’s village of course).

Yesterday Lisa went over some feedback from the Women’s Conference with our women, which we all found very encouraging. They are wondering when we will do it again. It was rewarding to hear how our hard work paid off. Thank you for all your prayers and support. P.S. The reason there wasn’t blog posts recently is because the internet is down here and the cell phone service has been poor making communication difficult.

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