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Trinity Lutheran-Sunday Morning

Well it has been an exciting few days, however we were not able to blog due to poor internet access. Limited technology and resources, intermittent electricity are just a way of life in Haiti. We joked that the saying "two steps forward and one back", has been given new meaning.

We finished out our clinics for the week on Friday. Both eyeglass and dental have been flat out. Our translators have been God sent! We are seeing the same problems related to extreme poverty. Cataracts, sun damage, cavities and decay throughout the whole mouth. On a positive note, we've learned that there is an eye doctor on Grand Goave who does cataract surgery for $60. So we've started to make a list of the young people (30 years old) with cataracts and I believe we are at 7 or 8 people. This would be an amazing gift to these people and something very affordable for us in Canada.

Yesterday we made it to the market for our cultural experience. Donkeys, motorcycles, wheelbarrows, crooked rows of vendors sitting under tattered tarps. They sell everything from carrots, to chicken, soap, hair berets, to fresh baked bread. After we walked to the beach and enjoyed lobster, a swim in the ocean and shopping.

Our Martensville team made it back from building a church in La Cayes.

They shared photos and stories of their adventure. We sat together drinking tea and worked on our music that we will share in service this morning. Struan "Lightfoot" is our music leader and boy are we blessed by his gifts!

Thank you for all your prayers. We can certainly feel them. May Jesus bless your day as you prepare to worship and celebrate all He has done in your life!

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