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Well day 3 on the ground at Haiti Arise is coming to a close. We arrived here after a day and a half of mostly uneventful travel. We arrived on haiti arise's grounds a little after lunchtime and after eating lunch we unpacked, got set up and jumped in the nightcrawler and drove over to check out the worksites. after supper we were pretty worn out from only 4 hours of sleep between flights the night before so we went to bed.

Tuesday Morning we got up bright and early and had devotions before breakfast. After breakfast we geared up to go to work on the houses. As you may have seen in earlier posts with pictures we spent the morning packing bricks from two separate and lower locations up to the first house. As the haitian crew laid down the cement footings we helped mix the concrete and hauled bucketfuls of cement to them. Others of us went to work hauling 5 gallon buckets full of limestone and rock from the abandoned gas station parking lot up the hill to the house site. the Haitian crew made great progress on house number one and got the first row of bricks up for the whole perimeter of the house and most of the back wall done. After we showered, ate a quick supper and headed to church. After church we were pretty tired so we headed to bed.

Wednesday morning Kim lead devotions at 6:30, breakfast at 7am. We then geared up, jumped in the nightcrawler and headed to the jobsite. Kim and I spent the morning hauling buckets of rocks and limestone up to jobsite number 2. T

he Unger family and Kathleen headed to the 1st house and helped mix concrete, carry it to the haitian crew to install the bricks. After lunch we all headed to jobsite 1 and continued helping mix and haul cement. we also screened out larger rocks out of the limestone to have a smoother mix for Parging. house number one walls are stood and parged. During screening and hauling lime stone we had some haitians hanging out with us and one of the local ladies was able to grab Benjiman and force him into a spur of the moment dance, we have pictures and video!

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