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A goat of a Day

We went to Petit-Goave on Saturday morning, and the ladies looked at dresses and then we went to another store and looked at more dresses and it was annoying. Then we had some pat'n to's ice cream and drove back to Grand-Goave for some afternoon swimming. After swimming we had some grits and beans then headed to bed, in the morning I found a baby lizard in bed with me, it was on the bug net but still. This morning we went to church and had a really good message about being a group or together, there was three rules about that, 1 be together, 2 work together, 3 stay together, the pastor also talked about how sheep will stay in a pen once you build it, cows will stay together, you can herd goats, but humans will always look for a way out, breaking walls, climbing walls or going through fences, we naturally stay away from others in most cases. We went to the beach again in the afternoon and on the way we saw a goat alarm system, a goat was tied on one side of the road but went to the other side leaving a rope "tripwire" and if we stepped on it it would've gone blooonc! blooonc! [Meaning white!, white!. Not really but it was fun to imagine it would say that.]. We got some baskets and swam for a few hours, then we headed back to the compound for a quick shower then headed to a restaurant for chicken, fish, goat, plantain, Coke and pickleys. Tomorrow we are going to Jacmel for the day. We only have 3 full days left in Haiti, it is kinda scary but it might be nice to be back in Canada, it certainly wont be as hot!

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