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Painting 101 (St Pierre)

As we finish our 8th day we look back on today and see all the beauty we have experienced. Today was a workday at Haiti Arise. Wade put us to work painting the tech school and clinic in the morning. We divided and conquered that task! Thinking it would take us all day we surprised ourselves and finished before lunch.

After lunch we went back to work on some more painting projects. We were incredibly productive thanks to the fact that there were so many of us! One team painted the elementary school and fence, while others got the task of painting the boys bathroom. Peehew! The girls were up for the challenge and cramming 10 youth in the bathroom made for light work. In the bathroom we have to add one story. Danni and Chanelle were working in the corner behind a door, and they moved a box. To their horror a HUGE spider lay in wait for his unsuspecting victims (some say it was the mythic Tarantula, but we’ll never know for sure). As the beast reared it's fearsome head and charged at full speed the girls screamed and fled, but not before Danni smacked Chanelle’s hair with a brush full of paint. At least they made it out alive. Chanelle said it took over an hour, and 3 prayers to get the paint out of her hair.

As one task was finished we quickly jumped to the next by painting the tech college electrical classroom. It was awesome as 12 of us were cutting and rolling away. We all had fun jamming to music and perhaps too much fun with the paint. There may or may not be handprints on some shirts to prove it. Chuckle chuckle. Also Austin (Mark and Lisa's youngest) ran around the compound accidentally putting yellow handprints on everything. So needless to say we had to do some touchups.

In our debrief session we shared about each others highlights and lowlights of the day. We’re sadly beginning to realize we don’t have much time left in Haiti, but God has met us and continues to be with us day by day. Thank you everybody for your prayers, God is so faithful and so good, and he is definitely on the move here in Haiti!

Some of us were not feeling the best throughout the day. It’s nothing too serious, but Troy said “our Health meter as gone from an aquamarine status to saffron yellow.” Please pray that we don’t have to upgrade to ochre orange. We ended our session with small group prayer, praying for our health, energy, patience with one another and looking forward to our last two days in Haiti! Easter is surely going to be amazing, and we’re very much looking forward to participating in the Easter service tomorrow.

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