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A New Hope! (St. Pierre)

We five leaders start every morning at 6:45am to meet together, pray, discuss the schedule for the day, and talk about this wonderful team of youth we have!

It was another great morning of powerful worship as the conference geared up for its last day. Today saw some of the most Spirit led preaching of the conference, and all the teaching/skits/testimonies/dances/worship was so well received.

Even the schedule changes led to powerful encounters. God was clearly orchestrating the whole conference. For example, at the end of the conference, the group was really looking forward to doing their best skit, but it looked like there wasn’t going to be time. They handled that disappointment well, but in the end they were asked to perform and there was a great response from everybody there! And it fit way better there than it would have at the original time it was scheduled, and because it was at the end of the conference, after that skit an impromptu worship time broke out. Young leaders from the crowd started taking turns getting on stage and leading a worship song or started taking turns preaching. The conference went at least 3 hours later than it was supposed to.

A few opportunities to respond were given today, by both Pastor Troy and then Pastor Samuel who closed off the conference with an alter call. We didn’t count but there were around 100 people who came forward to rededicate their life to Christ during that alter call alone! It’s impossible to put into words what God has done through this gathering of young leaders. God is on the move! This conference is sowing into the generation that will lead Haiti into the future that God has waiting for it. It’s hard to even imagine the amount of influence that was sitting here in the pews with 35 amazing churches represented and so many youth filled with the power of God and each with a divine calling and the willingness to pursue it. These are the people that God will use to change the nation as they go out from here to their churches and their communities!

Troy had many people come to him afterwards and promise to guard the message they’d received at the conference. That they have surrendered to God and said “yes” to his calling and will go and share the Gospel! They were eager to learn; now they are eager to teach others. It’s humbling to have people so eager to actually do the things that they feel God has asked them to do. Here’s a picture of a testimony one young woman (Viola) gave to Troy at the end of the conference.

We also started distributing the filters today by giving 2 filters to each of the pastors of the 35 churches here at the conference as a parting gift. They were very grateful and specifically asked that we thank YOU who gave them this gift.

Finally you should know that our group is really opening up! Everybody in our group is encountering God. In our debrief time in the evening we go around and share the many ways we’ve seen God on the move throughout the day! (We’ve also even had some of our new Haitian friends come join us for debrief which has been awesome). You would be so proud of your kids; they are doing a phenomenal job! They are such an awesome team and they really look out for one another, and constantly look for ways to serve and minister.

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