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New Adventures of Grace Gate

Hello everyone back in the States!

We have been here in Haiti for 5 or so days.

We went to the Hospital in Peti Goave and prayed with the people in five different sections of the Hospital. We sang Amazing Grace in A Cappella in each section and handed out 80 hygiene bags.

We went to Haiti Arise’s clinic on the grounds and gave a devotional and asked if anyone wanted us to pray for them. At least ten people, if not a few more came and asked for prayer. That was just about 25% of the people there. It was beautiful to say the least.

Haiti is a place of material poor people but they are soooo rich in gratitude, warmth, and the love of God. The twinkle I saw in two women’s eyes I exchanged greetings with...I haven’t seen that enjoyment of life in a set of eyes for a very long time. It warmed my heart to feel welcome and it helped me to appreciate THE SUBSTANCE OF LIFE THAT GOD DOES PROVIDE.

The material things at home that I so often covet pale in comparison. It’s very hard to put into words but warmth, love, and relationship trump every single possession we could ever attain.

Another beautiful experience was listening to three teenagers testify about giving their lives to Jesus. They asked the congregation to pray for them to stay strong on the path God has for them. They asked with a depth of a much older person who has wisdom and experience of knowing that they will need help in this adventure that God gives us.

We went to the beach yesterday and my, what a beautiful reminder of when I was young and lived in St. Thomas V.I. In the 1960’s. The water here is warm, clear, and exhilarating. We all swam, bought goodies from the venders that were just waiting for us to come spend money in their “shop” which is simply a blanket on the sand.

Thank you all for praying for us while we are here. We all know there is power in prayer, and so with gratitude I thank you all for all that you have done to get us here.

Your Sister in Christ,

Linda Lee

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