Today was hot and humid due to the abundance of rain received yesterday evening and throughout the night. After morning chow our day started with work projects in the children's village, the kitchen herb garden, sewing projects and hygiene kit preparation. At the children's village the team worked on painting the exterior and interior of the future buildings which will be used to house orphaned children. Three team members along with one member from Bethel worked back at the Base Camp (Haiti Arise HQ) in the outdoor kitchen herb garden squaring off and reconstructing the retaining walls. This task proved to be very labour intense where the team members perspired more during this tasking then they have in the last 7 days combined; however the fruits of their labour appeared to be worth while as the end product resulted in providing Haiti Arise with a functional herb garden for the kitchen staff. Sewing projects were done by several of our female team members (I was informed they were making skirts but I think they were really trying to hide from the hot sun, Lol). Hygiene kits and children toy bags were prepared in preparation for our afternoon village encounters.

After lunch our team worked on more paint projects which include returning to the children's village and attempting to paint the Haiti Arise main building security fencing/decorative grill work. Two sewing team members decided to throw water on some of the painting team members which resulted in watering down the oil paint bucket and effecting the pliability of the paint to the steel grill work, thus this task fell short of its accomplishment! In reality it was not their fault as it appeared that the paint provided was not the correct type to paint onto steel. As the projects came to completion for the day it was time for the team to get ready for another great experience visiting small villages in the area sharing our love for Christ and fulfilling prayer requests for the Haitian people. Great joy was given to the Haitian children when they received small toys from each team, while hope and prayers were given to the Haitian parents and grandparents.

Highlights of the day included Cameron and Johnny (our interpreter) singing "Everywhere I go I see you" at a very high pitch on the back of Roy's pickup while heading back to Haiti Arise HQ.                                              Brooke receiving two big sweaty hugs from two team members working in the herb garden which was well deserved due to her dumping 7up on the head of one the members earlier in the day. Some team members also decided to release a Gecko into the sewing room resulting in a delay in production as Jessie and Brooke freaked out! Lol The identities of these culprits have yet to be determined! ;-)

The evening concluded with a roof top meeting where Impact, Bethel, Jessica, Marc, Lisa, Wade and Marilyn shared their highs, lows and Kodac moments from their experience over the last 8 days. The Impact team is very grateful for the wonderful experience they have had and will forever keep Haiti and the Haitian people in their hearts and are look forward to returning to Haiti Arise in the near future.  

Looking forward to tomorrow,

J and Ozzy