ARISE Children’s Village


One in every ten children in Haiti are “restaveks,” a Creole term that means “to stay with,” but in reality is a child slave. Parents give their children away in hopes that they will receive better care than they can afford to provide them. But this rarely happens. There are also many children throughout Haiti that are abandoned or orphaned due to the abject poverty and crisis of teen and unwed pregnancies. Our desire is to rescue children such as these and bring them into a loving family environment and place of safety, where they will be cared for in a family unit, have access to education, spiritual upbringing and good nutrition. 


The Children's Village sits on our new South Campus property, a 7-acre parcel of land just 300 feet from Haiti ARISE’s current main campus. The site will be completed with a sports arena, primary and secondary school and the local church. Six duplex units and 12 quadplex units are underway in a closed, safe community. A perimeter wall has been constructed around the property, a well has been drilled, and site plans have been developed. As of spring 2017, two families live in the first duplex with five children each. The second duplex will open later in 2017.  Once all the duplex and quadplex homes are complete, there will be a total of 18 unit homes with the ability to house up to 144 children, each home with a house parent couple. 

Current operations

The ARISE Children’s Village opened in January 2016, with policies/ procedures are being developed, a social worker hired to work on the development of these as well as conduct parent interviews and training. There is a selection criteria for choosing house parents to care for 5-8 children per home and ongoing training provided. Each home will function as a family, rather than an institutional orphanage. Employment will be provided on site for house parents in areas of maintenance, grounds keeping, etc. On the same campus site, the children will have access to education through our elementary and high school and be brought up in a loving, Christian environment through church programs. 

The selection criteria for house parents:

1. Christian couple

2. No children and unable to have their own OR only has one of their own children OR their children are already grown and living on their own.

3. Willing to go through ongoing parental training & work on campus.

The selection criteria for the children:

1. 0-6 years old

2. orphaned with no living parents, or abandoned by their parents, or living in a restavek situation with no hope of evr returning home to their families.

3. birth certificate, abandonement certificate and documentation submitted with the local Haitian Social services, IBESR, is required.  

Each house parent will have employment within Haiti ARISE, or in their own outside business or work. They will earn their own salary to help support their family unit. Haiti ARISE also will provide an allotment per family to help cover the costs of food, clothing, propane, gas. The parents will be required to budget, meal plan and provide receipts for their allotment each month. This will ensure the children are being well looked after, while still providing the parents with the dignity of caring for their own family unit.

How You Can Help

Click here to find out more information on the children in Arise Children's Village and to sponsor monthly. 

It is estimated that each home will require a sponsorship of $1500 US a month to cover full operations. We are looking for sponsors for the continued construction & furnishings, sponsorship of the homes & for the children as they come into the homes.

*As an individual, you can help by sponsoring a child in the home for $50/ month. Each child will ideally have 3 sponsors

*You can help by supporting furnishings like cabinetry or construction of future homes for $200. 

*As a group or church, you can help support a home for $1,500 US/ month, or a share in a home for $300- $500/ month.

*As a group of business, you can sponsor future construction of homes in the children's village. 

You can give through our Online Gift Catalogue, by clicking on one of the images below, or through our DONATE page, selecting to support Children's Village operations. If you would like to help support a specific house or child, please specify so in the comment line. You can see the info and photos of children by clicking on the link to Sponsor a Child Now.