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Gift Catalogue


Each year we distribute gifts given through our Online Gift Catalogue. You can help be a blessing to the Haitians by purchasing a gift in honor of someone you love and giving community members goats, chickens, pigs, school supplies, soccer balls, Creole Bibles, garden tools, baby packs, rice, mosquito nets and even bicycles and student scholarships. You can also help sponsor a classroom, student, medical supplies, or a construction project such as an EachONE BuildONE home, or our Children's Village project.

You can give a gift for Christmas or Birthdays for your Education Fund sponsored student through the Online Gift Catalogue. Just be sure to mention upon your payment, "I would like my donation to go towards..." and your student's name.



We are pleased to share with you photos of the amazing Grand Opening celebrations that were held Nov 12-13, 2014. Thank you to all of you who came, participated, supported and had fun with us!

Also, here is a video developed by the national tv station in Haiti that was broadcast all over the country.


Check out our Team Blog


With the start of fall brings the opening of teams coming back down to Haiti ARISE. We are thrilled to have them joining us in the work here in Haiti. Check out the Team Blog to follow what is happening. You can also check out our Long Term Missionaries Blogs and read up on past experiences and present happenings. This is a great way to stay connected. Also, be sure to visit us on Facebook and Twitter.


God Is Healing

Take a look at how God is moving through our medical clinic. We are blessed to be in partnership with Hungry For Life who facilitate mission teams to work with Haiti ARISE. Our community has access to continual quality health care, thanks to the sponsorship of our faithful partners such as HFL.


The Father's House team from Vacaville, CA spent 10 days with Haiti ARISE. Daniel Vanderhoef put together this short clip to give a view of what's happening.


Share the Haiti ARISE Vision with your friends.

Watch our promotional video sharing the context of Haiti, who Haiti ARISE is and how you can be involved. A great way you can help out is by spreading the word. Share this video with your church, business, friends and family and encourage them to give. You can also plan a fundraising event in your area for Haiti ARISE, whether it's a dessert night, small gathering or a large banquet, help us share the vision and work of Haiti ARISE. Contact us for more info.

Video produced by Savvy Tech, Ryan Iverson. Footage provided by Bruces Sparkes, Lisa Honorat & Daniel Vanderheof.


Give just a little more?

An update and appeal from founder of Haiti ARISE, Marc Honorat, to encourage you to give just a little more. Consider making a monthly commitment to Haiti ARISE to help cover our General Operational Budget. Visit our DONATE page to help Where Most Needed.