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Tickets can be purchased online through Paypal or by contacting Chelsea at or by phone cell: 403-390-7546. To purchase your tickets and register, visit the Event Registration page. 


Take action now! By donating today, you will help Haiti rise back on her feet and become the nation she is called to be.

Haiti ARISE Ministries is meeting these needs and dedicated to transforming communities with the power of the Gospel.

Photos by Brian Clarkson




Our Mission

Our determination is to raise up godly leaders in Haiti through education to strengthen their families, neighbors and country, bring relief to poverty, stimulate the economy, and to preach the Good News so that lives will be saved and hope for a strong future will be given to Haiti.


In Action

What's Happening

Grand Opening Celebrations- see the photos in our Photo Gallery

Haiti ARISE goes on national Haitian TV- see the video in our Video Center

Follow our Missionary Adventures- read our Hear Our Heart, Long Term Missionaries Blog, Team Blog

God is Healing through our Medical Clinic- see the videos in our Video Center


Share the Haiti ARISE Vision with your friends.

Watch our promotional video sharing the context of Haiti, who Haiti ARISE is and how you can be involved. A great way you can help out is by spreading the word. Share this video with your church, business, friends and family and encourage them to give. You can also plan a fundraising event in your area for Haiti ARISE, whether it's a dessert night, small gathering or a large banquet, help us share the vision and work of Haiti ARISE. Contact us for more info.

Video produced by Savvy Tech, Ryan Iverson. Footage provided by Bruces Sparkes, Lisa Honorat & Daniel Vanderheof.