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Yon Jou Gran

Today started earlier for me, or maybe I should say on time. Today was the first day of the woman's conference and I was sent to be part of the group to greet people as they entered the church building. The church is very big, by my standards anyways, and it's open to the air on two sides so you can see the green all around. The woman came slowly, some of them very early which was unexpected. One thing we noted as we greeted woman and handed them bags and things was how elegantly they dressed. You could tell they had truly worn their best, something that back at home I know people at church don't always do.

After that was a worship service, which was really quite amazing. The music was loud and every woman sang almost just as loud in a posture of wholehearted praise.

Later, after lunch, I was Joans assistant for the craft. It was a bit noisy, a bit chaotic, a bit messy, but we were very pleased with the end result which was not so much the craft but the fun the woman had making it and the relationships we made while doing it.

Overall, today was pretty great and we are all very thankful for the blessings we have received.

Thank you for your prayers and support.

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