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Village Stroll

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog

Today was the first day of visiting patients in their homes. It was amazing to see how Haitian people live day to day. It really made me appreciate the life I have. They have so little yet you would never know it from their big smiles.

While out in the village, I used a manual blood pressure monitor and a stethoscope to measure a patient’s blood pressure for the first time. Although I did not get the final measurement, it was a great learning experience as I am working to become a nurse. Team members have been great in asking me to perform certain tasks so that I can gain more medical skills.

Over all these past few days have been nothing but amazing. From the people I have met to the knowledge I have learned, it has exceeded all my expectations I had prior to the trip. Every morning I wake up excited to head to the clinic to see what the day will hold for us!


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