One in every ten children in Haiti are “restaveks”, a Creole term that means “to stay with”, but in reality is a child slave. Parents give their children away in hopes that they will receive better care than they can afford to provide them. But this rarely happens. There are also many children throughout Haiti that are abandoned or orphaned due to the abject poverty and crisis of teen and unwed pregnancies.


Our desire is to rescue children such as these and bring them into a loving family environment and place of safety, where they will be cared for in a family unit, have access to education, spiritual upbringing and good nutrition.  Our Children's Village homes house up to eight kids plus house parents.

The ARISE Children’s Village opened in January 2016.  Each home operates as a family unit rather than an orphanage. A social worker oversees the children's development and conducts parent interviews and training.

Three of the six complexes are now complete.  Once all the homes are built we will have 18 units that will house up to 144 children. Each house parent has employment within Haiti ARISE, or in their own outside business or work. They earn their own salary to help support their family unit. Haiti ARISE provides an allotment per family to help cover the costs of food, clothing, propane, gas. The parents are required to budget, meal plan and provide receipts for their allotment each month. This will ensure the children are being well looked after, while still providing the parents with the dignity of caring for their own family. 

21 children now call Arise Children's Village home, but even more important they now have a family.



Aquilla, Roudley, Carly, Ruthnéemie, Jhony, Jean Samuel


Claudy & Berlin Metellus (1B) 

Peterson, Schnider, Ruthnéie, Ykenson, Georgio 


Jean Joseph Renold & Mariana Hilaire Fénelon (5B)

Vekenlove, Gilberson, Vekenson & Loude Mia

Jean Rory & Marie Claude Moya Frédéric (5A)

Maria, Deseline & Natacha


Famiy (1A)

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Carly's mother died in childbirth, leaving 8 children behind with their father. He was just a peasant farmer, unable to care for any of them and gave up care for all of them to different people. Carly was in the care of his aunt. But she was not able to provide even milk for him and he was near to death when we found him. In getting him medical attention, more than 70 worms were expelled from his little body! He was 14 months old and was unable to hold up his head, let alone his body. 

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When Roudley first arrived at ARISE Children's Village, he was unsure. His mother was mentally ill and unable to properly raise him, so he was often left to himself in Grand-Goave. With no father around either, he never had the opportunity to go to school. At 6 years old, Roodley did not yet know his letters or numbers. After just one week in the Children's Village, he had already learned them. 

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When Aquilla was just 4 years old, she became very ill. Her mother had brought her to a country clinic, where Dorvil was working and took charge to nurse her back to health. But once she was healthy, her mother did not want her back. Her grandfather had, in fact, hoped she would not live, because their situation was so difficult. Dorvil and Mario

adopted her as their own.

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When Ruthnéemie was born, her mother died. No one knew who the father was and she had no siblings. Her grandmother had 6 other children to care for and they lived in just a makeshift torn tent in Port Au Prince that would soak them all in the rain. It was no condition for a newborn. Her grandmother gave her up to Arise Children's Village when she was 6 months but comes to visit regularly.

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Jhony was the last child of eight in his family. His mother admitted shared that she did not want anymore children. She was just trying to earn some money to feed the ones she already had by selling herself. Shortly after pregnancy, she developed cancer and when Johny came she was unable to care for him. He was often left in the home alone or in the care of neighbours when she had to go to the hospital 3 times a week for treatment and to have fluid drained from her abdomen. Jhony was suffering malnutrition and neglect. At three months old, he came into Arise Children's Village in June 2017. He is now healthy and thriving in Mario & Dorvil's care.

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Jean Samuel, named by Dorvil and Mario after he came into Arise Children's Village, was abandoned at the gate of Haiti ARISE after the adult who brought him to see our social worker fled. He came into the Gilles family in the summer of 2017 and brought the family total to 4 boys and 2 girls. He's growing and healthy.

Metellus Family (1B) 

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Peterson came from Petit-Goave, basically from the streets, to Arise Children's Village in Oct 2016. His mother was mentally ill and wandered the streets. She had been violated by a man who refused to take responsibility. Peterson's grandma took him home with her, but then would leave him to the streets all day while she would go to the market, essentially leaving him to raise himself. At 6 years old, Peterson had never yet been through a full year of schooling.  Just after Hurricane Matthew while assessing homes, we found him and brought him back to Arise Children's Village.

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Schnider's story is a tragic one. From the slum Cite Soliel, he was being raised by his father after his mother left. When his dad was shot in a gang fight, he was left alone for days. The dad's body was never found. His grandmother took him in, but recognized her limits to care for him. She brought him to Arise Children's Village in hopes of a better life for him. She regularly comes to visit. Schnider was very traumatized when he first came and would not speak to anyone. 

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Ruthneie was from the mountain village of Camp Perrin. We found her when she was just 4 months old while on a mission trip with our Haitian church members. Her grandmother begged us to take her because her mother was mentally ill and kept burning her while practicing voodoo. With no father in the picture, she had very little chance of surviving the abuse. Her torso, legs and arms were covered in infected burns. She was the first baby in the Metellus family home. 

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Ykenson was living with his grandfather and mentally ill mother, who had been raped while wandering the countryside in the night. After Hurricane Matthew, they lost their home and were living under the salvaged roof. Ykenson's grandfather begged us to help relieve him of the worry he had of being able to properly care for his grandson, let alone his daughter, Ykenson's young mom. He came into Arise Children's Village in May of 2017 at three years old and quickly adapted to life with his new family. He no longer has to worry about the roof over his head.

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Georgio is named after George Gauvin, our local Grand-Goave hospital, because this is where he was found. At just two weeks old, the nurses from the hospital who found him immediately called us to come get him. His mother was never found. He was added to the Metellus family in June 2017. He is a happy, healthy, thriving boy in Claudy and Berlin's care.

Fénelon Family (5B)

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One of three brothers...their mother lost her mind and abandoned the children in the summer of 2017, and they were left wandering the streets. (Mental illness is very common in Haiti) Their father also abandoned the family and no one knows where he went to. A neighbour woman took them in and contacted us.  They are now in the loving care of Fenelon Jean Joseph and Mariana Hilaire at Arise Children's Village. 

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Loude Mia is from Grand Goave where she was living with her mother and grandfather but her mother left and never returned so she was left in the care of her grandfather who could not care for her by himself.  He went in search for a place for her where she'd be safe and go to school.  He found ARISE Children's Village and now Loude Mia is in the care of the Fenelon family.  

Frédéric Family (5A)

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Meet 5-month-old Dailove and her sister Chilove who is 5 years old. Dailove’s twin, a boy passed away. They are from Les Cayes. More on their story to come. 

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3 sisters Maria, Deseline, and Natacha are from a town in North West Haiti called Molest Nicolas and are the youngest of 14 children.  Their mother was pregnant with the 15th but died during childbirth.  Their father was so shocked and grief-stricken he passed away just 5 months later.  After their parents died, all the kids were given to different family members.  The 3 sisters were given to a relative who shortly after taking them in realized they couldn't care for them.  Madame Fenelon's sister was on a mission trip to the area and heard their story and told Wilson our social worker who arranged for them to come to the Village. When they first arrived 2 of them were anemic, they all had skin irritations and were severely malnourished. The 3 sisters are now in the loving care of the Frédéric Family.

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Jameson Louis is 14 months old and was brought to the village in January of 2020. His story coming soon. 



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