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We Have Arrived !

The Fathers House Haiti Mission Team has arrived and are all Healthy and Happy. After a long travel day i.e. Sunday and most of Monday.....we made it here to Haiti Arise in Grand Goave and are settled in nicely. Our Hosts Mark, Wade and Marilyn are as gracious and generous as always. To my wife Christine, my children Cameron, Cat, Kyle,......and Jay, Jason and DeAnna....I Love and Miss all of you and I pray my service here will reflect my heart for you all and bring to this Mission the same heart and mind that I have for The Lord and all of you. are my Person and I carry you with me here. I Love you so much and in my minds eye ....right now.....I can see that face you make when you say...."Don't say that !".....hahahahaha. Samantha...Hi Kiddo ! ! ! .....your Mom is doing GRRRRRRREAT ! ! ! and is such a good person. The letter you wrote to all of us was very nice and touched everyone right in the feelings. Thank You so much for those kind words....and do me a favor...let Mr Snail know that we made it here safely...(he doesn't read very well.) The Spirit of The Lord is moving with might and purpose here in Haiti and the people are pressing into God with Excitement . Its amazing to see and a true Blessing to be included in this good work. In the time since we were last here they have built another duplex within the South Campus and were telling us of their plans to build a quadplex next ! Tomorrow we begin painting this new duplex and are very excited to do this project. God is surely on the move here in Haiti !!!! Please keep us....Haiti Arise and the whole of Haiti in your prayers and we will keep you in ours. All of you....all of the family members of all of the team members.....We Love You....we miss you and will return with Amazing Testimonies to share with all of you. God Bless You all

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