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He is Risen! (St Pierre)

He is risen indeed! Celebrating Easter with our Haitian friends was a memory we will cherish for a long time. Everybody was feeling much better today and we were very excited for church! The service went for about three hours this morning and we had the privilege of participating through skit and testimony. Freedom was a great skit for Easter and really resonated with people, Danni lost her testimony but she managed to tie the skit in with Easter and really preached the salvation message, which was really awesome! There was lots of exciting worship, and a wonderful communion time. Pastor Troy and Pastor Samuel both gave a sermon, which was very well received. It truly was an atmosphere of celebration. And after the service was over and most people had left, two young women came forward and wanted to give their life to Christ. Mark, Lisa, Troy, Moise, and a few others laid hands on them and led them to Christ. It was a beautiful moment. As Pastor Mark said, it’s awesome to see the young people turning to Christ!

We were also able to personally distribute around 35 water filters this morning to some of the key volunteers who helped with the Youth Conference. They were extremely grateful and blessed us. They said these filters would be a tremendous help to them!

We spent the afternoon down at the beach swimming in the ocean and enjoying the sun… perhaps a little too much for some of us, as a number of us are now sunburnt. It was bound to happen after we all made it out unscathed during our last beach outing! Luckily they have some aloe lotion at the compound.

For supper we drove down to a restaurant that Haiti Arise always takes their groups to near the end of a trip. It was a great evening and we packed the place out! We arrived back at Haiti Arise to watch the Jesus movie on a projector alongside many other people form the church, and play a few games of cards before bed. Tomorrow is our last full day in Haiti.

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