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One of our core values is to build relationships with the people of Haiti.  Our volunteer teams on the ground work on a variety of different projects and ministries throughout the campuses and within the local communities, fostering those relationships.  These amazing experiences are not only rewarding but can be life changing for many of our volunteers. We'd love for you to join us and get your hands dirty! Come as a team or an individual, share your skills and learn from the Haitian culture. 

You'll never be the same!


Volunteer as a Team or Individual

Here are the steps...

Team Leader Training

We provide team leader's training, whether you are novice or an expert in missions and international travel and cross-cultural experiences. There is a tremendous value added to you and your team by joining in these training sessions, hosted by STM Leader and done via Skype and email so that you can participate no matter where you are. The cost of the training is included in your team budget. Check out who is STM Leader.

Team Leader Checklist

  • Check the team schedule below for possible dates

  • Contact ourTeam Coordinator, Michelle Guenther for a team application form.

  • Once accepted, all team members submit individual applications & confirmation document of team dates & budget must be signed and returned. 

  • Start Short Term Mission Leaders training. Fees apply.

  • Train your team & go through the Team Information Packets.

  • Fundraise 

  • Pack your bags and we'll see you on the ground in Haiti.

Individual Training & Checklist

  • Complete the Global Volunteer Inquiry Form and indicate that you want to volunteer with Haiti Arise Ministries

  • When invited, complete the Pre-Interview survey and ask 2 references to complete the online reference form

  • Pay $50 screening fee - choose ‘Screening Only’ from the drop-down menu

  • Wait for approval and invite by Haiti Arise - wait time could be 2-3 months.

  • Once approved by Haiti Arise Ministries, you will be invited to begin Short-Term volunteer training (2 pre-departure sessions, 1 post-trip debrief)

  • Fundraise

  • Pack your bags…see you soon!

Information Package

For your preparation & info concerning short term teams, click here for information packages.

Current Supply List 

Here is a list of the CURRENT SUPPLIES needed for teams to bring.  If you have donations that are not on the list please contact Marilyn Fitzpatrick to discuss before your arrival.

Team Calendar

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