November 22, 2017

Hello from Haiti!  It's already our second day here at Haiti Arise, and time is passing by quickly.  The trip here went well, and we all arrived safely.  

Travelling from the airport to Haiti Arise is definitely a real eye-opener.  When you're used to living in Canada, you're used to having certain amenities and living conditions.  In Haiti, a lot of people don't have these, and live extremely different lives from us.  This was evident as we traveled from...

November 13, 2017

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog:

The team ended clinic with a bang, or should I say Kaboom! When we walked up to the clinic this morning we envisioned 90 patients to help, turning off the lights at 4:00 pm and maybe a quick walk to the beach…but soon reality hit and at 6:45 we trudged our wear souls up to the guesthouse after having seen 170ish patients. We are tired but have a feeling of great accomplishment that comes from hard work and a job well done.

Again, inte...

November 11, 2017

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog

As the team pharmacist, my days are usually spent behind a small window through which we pass the completed prescriptions.  The medical team pop in and out asking for treatment advice and I love the challenge of using what resources we have to fulfill the requests.  My team consists Ezgar, a Haitian nurse, Scherlie, a Haitian pharmacy student in her final year, and our talented team member Denise who keeps me organized.  We are fine tun...

November 10, 2017

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog:

Today we held a beach clinic at the beautiful but remote Bananier Beach, which is west of Grand Goave.  We needed the assistance of our amazing Zanmitay Clinic staff and Pasto Marc founder and director of Haiti Arise and we were so pleased they were able to join us.  Our interpreters are all young university students who get two ‘free’ weeks off every year, so they come to Haiti Arise to help us out. 

We arrived at the beach...

November 9, 2017

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog:

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. It was a hard day in the clinic. Not in the number of people seen but the team had to deal with a few tough cases. For the Haitians, it` s just everyday life however.

A young lady who first came in to our clinic yesterday for the first time was found to have end stage HIV disease. On return to the clinic today, she was carried in, unable to stand and significantly more weak. We arranged for...

November 8, 2017

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog:

Well…Day # 5 coming to a close and not a dull moment from sun up to sun down! Started the day off on the rooftop with a cup of Haitian coffee. 

Today was another fantastic day in the Clinic!  It’s a shocking experience from my perspective in that I can send patients from my assessment room (door #3) two doors down to Door #5 where they can get an ULTRASOUND.  Yet, we are having to make our own sharps containers with duct tape and empty...

November 6, 2017

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog:

This post by Britt

Well it was another wonderful day in the medical clinic.  The team worked diligently, without complaint, to see 164 patients.  Some of the team were given a blessing the past few days.  After coming here for the past few years, we have seen patients come into the clinic that, when they leave, we believe we will never see again.  Some were very young, some were very old and all those patients were very sick with litt...

November 5, 2017

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog

Today was the first day of visiting patients in their homes. It was amazing to see how Haitian people live day to day. It really made me appreciate the life I have. They have so little yet you would never know it from their big smiles.

While out in the village, I used a manual blood pressure monitor and a stethoscope to measure a patient’s blood pressure for the first time. Although I did not get the final measurement, it was a great lea...

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