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A Day Full of Dancing

Today lots of interesting stuff happened.

One of the most prominent of these was the woman dancing (although not for the men because they all were working). There is a video. Watch it.

I was helping Joan clean up the craft when Rhonda came rushing in saying that the woman were dancing. Moments later I was walking down the dirt road under the sun and I could hear the music coming from the church. When I got there I saw all the woman standing and dancing. It looked like a mass of loud chaos to me. Suddenly there seemed to be three times as many woman in the church. I made my way to the front where the music was so loud I could feel the vibrations in the floor. There, groups of woman danced fearlessly while their friends cheered from the wood benches. It was something I had never seen before in Canada, and now I kinda wish I would have, because it was pretty amazing.

The schedule for the conference these last two days went something like this:

In the morning, after breakfast, we would all gather in the church and sing. After that Cathy would speak and then four woman would go up and do their testimonies. Then we would have lunch, which is pretty much always good. The food here is different, but not by much. A lot of it I could easily imagine having back home-- except for maybe the plantain and fresh mangoes... After lunch another person would speak, one day it was Jessie, and on the other Lisa did it. After this the woman would split off into groups and go to separate stations. At one they did crafts (That's where I helped), at another they did manicures, and at the last two they prayed for each other and by themselves quietly. During the quiet time they also got to do massages which I heard that they really enjoyed.

Overall it was a very good experience, and today we will finish it all off by going to the beach.

I haven't got much of an idea of what the guys are doing other than working and chipping away at cement. That is, other than Tyler, who ended up being held back so he could get bossed around by the woman instead as well as help cook.

We miss you all and we're having a great time. Sorry this did not get posted last night as I was having issues uploading that video (among other things).

Thank you for all your prayers and support.

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