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Happy in Haiti

WOW. Where to start? We started our first official project today; painting new homes for future families in the kids village! It was so awesome to have this opportunity, to know that what we do here as a team is going towards something bigger than us. I think I could speak for the whole team and say that today was overall a beautiful experience. We started our day off with a morning devotion, followed by breakfast. Once we finished all of that, we started our short walk to the village. After saying many "bonjour" to the people walking on the road, we made it to our destination. From painting the home to singing some worship tunes, to joking around and spending quality time together, to Mark and Tom to kill the big spiders and wasp nests that THAT TRIED TO KILL US while painting... Just kidding, I'd say it was an over-all successful day. ALSO towards the end of it, we got to hang out and play with some of the kids that were already living there. We got to try some hatian grapes which was also cool; sour, but tasty!. We had an awesome lunch and dinner, along with the opportunity to take a walk through another village and visit their goat farm. We also got to meet a couple other people living in the area. We tried to find Clay's favorite goat (Gary) but weren't really sure which one was which... They all look the same for the most part- Haha! At the end of the night, we went to the roof and had another opportunity to worship, pray, and debrief from todays adventures. It was so amazing to hear Pastor Mark's testimony (The founder of Haiti Arise) and definitely have grown a bigger heart for Haiti over-all. It's only day Three and God has already done so much thus far, I'm excited to see and hear what else he has in store for us! I knew that if I truly blogged as much detail from today you all would be reading for hours, so to sum it all up, today was a great day. We of course miss our loved ones back home but are thankful to have you guys supporting us while we're here. We love you!

p.s. Lisa wants to send her love to her family as well! It was a long day today so she went to bed early but wants you to know she "loves and misses you all."

p.p.s To my husband, Jacob! Hopefully you figured out how to get on to this blog... I love and miss my dog!.. Just kidding, I miss and love you lots! I'm having a great time here and can't wait to tell you all about it. Also wanted to let you know that we get back on Thursday the 25th around 9pm if there aren't any delays NOT Wednesday the 24th, once we land and are on our way to the church, I will call you; Sorry about that. Love you! xoxo -Meika

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