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A Farewell, a Blessing and a Prayer

So here we are once again, at the end of a journey. An adventure that led us into a dream. Prepped in prayer and eyes cast upon the Son, we traveled hard, we prayed harder and loved with all we had. A mission set before us to walk in relationship together as a team, as a church, as sons and daughters of the only King. Praise you Jesus for welcoming us into Haiti and preparing our hearts to experience you in new ways. For giving us a family that welcomed us so well at Haiti Arise; a family that wasn’t scared to walk through this journey with us. Thank you Jesus for removing fears and allowing us to walk in the boldness of who you say we are—-Beloved. Courage to step forward and speak your gospel. With trembling hands raised above our heads we prayed and believe for your miracles, and opened our hearts to the process of your healings. We are brought to our knees by the fire that exists in your church at Haiti Arise, and humbled to our bones by their unrelenting worship of you my Lord. I close my eyes and I see the sky above the mango trees and my heart cries to remain in this place built by faith. Thank you for these Haitian people and their unflinching hope. Thank you for showing us your hands at work my Lord Jesus.

So here we are once again, at the beginning of a journey. I pray Lord that you write the faces of the Haitian people on our hearts. I pray we hold tight to the family that welcomed us so well at Haiti Arise, and I ask for our team to remain strengthened in what was done in that place. Bless the mountains to the sea and every soul that walks down each path through the cities and gardens in Haiti. Bless their hands and their homes and continue to move so honestly in their hearts. Lord Jesus, please let us learn from their faith and bring their fire to live truly for you with us into our homes and into our country. We left as missionaries, our course set on Haiti to bring hope to the people. As a testimony of your love our hearts are filled with new hope. Freshly encouraged, our faith is strengthened by a people who may lack in economic value but give abundantly with what they do possess; faith, joy and love. Now we leave as missionaries, our course set for home and Father we ask that we carry you well. Our prayers bolder, our worship stronger and our hope renewed. May we be a shining example of what it looks like to love well. May we fall on our faces in complete surrender to you my Lord Jesus and may we bring this spark back to our people. Let us honor you and speak of you often. May we seek you in all we do Lord Jesus. Praise you Lord!

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