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Travel Day Home

Well after getting somewhat caught up on sleep, felt it was time to do a final blog. Final day of travel started at 3:15 am Haiti time to get ready for a long day of travel. We arrived at airport in PAP to start the long day of flying. We flew to Fort Lauderdale and to start the customs clearing process the team all made it through with little issues except for Stacey. She was directed to a line that seemed like she would be in for hours. The rest of the team went onto baggage claim and had a few bags take exceptionally long coming off the plane. We prayed for quick processing for Stacey. The team carried onto a different terminal and by the time we checked in and our bags in and cleared security , Stacey was right behind us in line. The flights the rest of the way went without any problems and smooth flying. WIth a few winks here and there, air dropping photos and airplane movies we arrived safely in Calgary at 1:15 am. By the time we all received our baggage and shuttle to the hotel we had been up for 25 hours. Long day but so thankful for prayers that made the day so smooth.

With us all home now and reuniting with our families we would like to thank our church family for all your prayers along our trip. Without the prayers and support of our church this trip wouldn't be possible and had so few hiccups along the way. We were able to build 6 homes with a couple items to finish for families to move in, lots of painting in the compound, cement pour and many more odd jobs completed it was a great trip that stretched us and experience much more than just projects and tasks to do but a lot of us made closer friendships to the Haitian people and workers along side us. Thank you again Link Church!!

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