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First roof on, five on the go.

It's hard to believe that day 8 is coming to a close. It has been very rewarding to be back in Haiti and we are blessed to be part of the team from The Link. It has been such fun to be part of this group. Norm returned with the crew to the house building site where the first house received a tin roof today. Jurgen was able to use his skills working with a Haitian carpenter putting the rafters up. The Haitian carpenter then added the tin. It was extra special to get a photo of the couple who will receive the house. Delynn and Cindy became weight lifters as they carried rocks, blocks and mud while helping with another house while Steve played with the kids. (Just kidding) The girls played and sang with the kids AFTER the work was done. Clark joined the crew after lunch after spending the morning working around the Haiti Arise compound.

Stacey was busy getting a blister on her finger from manually sharpening approximately 500 pencils to be included in bags for the school students while Bev was painting in the office. Their afternoon was spent painting the guard house.

Ron was finally successful in getting the convection oven to fire up after several frustrating days. His whoop of success could be heard all over the Haiti Arise compound. Clark knew Ron had either been successful or else he had set himself on fire! He is praising God for guiding him to solve the problem.

While we were enjoying a good breakfast of Steve's favourite porridge, the mission team from the Haiti Arise church returned from Les Cayes where they had been ministering for three days. Pastor Jim did leadership training on Friday and Saturday morning with the church leaders from the area, preached three times and commissioned a new church plant. We want to praise God that five people gave their hearts to the Lord.

The team all commented on what a great day it has been as we realize that we only have two days left in this beautiful country. We have made many friendships with the Haitian people whom we have come to love as we work side by side. We thank God for the opportunity we had to return to Haiti. Our lives have been changed.

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