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Any day that starts with pancakes is going to be a great day!!

Day started out with an awesome breakfast of my favourite - pancakes!! Work projects consisted of sanding a table for the tech school sewing class and home building in the nearby community. Also some of the team went to the local market for the Haitian experience of their superstore.

The community of Petit Paradis is where we are building the homes and there is great need here. We have two houses ready for roofs and the other two are all blocked and ready for beams and roofs. The houses being built are a considerable upgrade from what the families are currently living in. These homes house between 5 - 7 Haitians.

We took some clothes up to the community this morning and were met with more kids than clothes, good thing we have 3 more days in this community.

The team has been working very hard and being Saturday was only half work day so the other half we had a beach break which was greatly needed. Relaxed in the afternoon laying on beach and swimming in the ocean.

Tomorrow is church day in morning and Tapion church service in afternoon.

Continued prayers are needed for the team and the projects that are left to do. We would all like to thank the Link for the support and prayers for this team. We are doing a great work and the Link church is so present here in this area that has been represented by this team and all the previous teams.

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