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Pastor Jim Stayed Home... And Prayed!

Lets get this straight. I am blogging tonight by default because I am the only team member still awake after the hard work day in the heat.

Today was a good day as most of the team continued to help build homes on the side of mountain. I was not sure if I should call it a hill or a mountain but after putting a 93 pound bag of cement on my head to transport some up to the house I knew that the top would have been impossible to reach with out a rest. By no means can our team take the credit for all of this hard work as without our Haitian Brothers working along side of us not much would get accomplished. Our team has started to build community with Men, Women and Children around the job site but it is not easy. This morning a little girl approached myself and Cindy we could not understand one another but after sometime we found out that she was 11 years old, even though she was not at school (as I am sure that school is not a option for her) she was smart enough to pick up a stone and start writing numbers in the the concrete dust. She started to do math as she wrote 1 + 1 + = 2 then 2 + 2 += 3 then I watched Cindy grab 4 stones she set 2 about each 2 then put all of then together and shortly after the girl corrected her answer to 4. It did not take long to think about my wife back at home as she was most likely blessing students in Canada with some more difficult math equations that even a guy as smart as myself would not be able to comprehend.

The craziest thing that I saw today was a Spider dragging a deer mouse under the old house of the family that we are one of the houses for. True story...

A long story short is that I am missing Brody, Mikayla and Renate as I press on and preform Gods work as the good Lord transforms not only myself but others around me that.

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