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Clinic with a View

Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog:

Today we held a beach clinic at the beautiful but remote Bananier Beach, which is west of Grand Goave. We needed the assistance of our amazing Zanmitay Clinic staff and Pasto Marc founder and director of Haiti Arise and we were so pleased they were able to join us. Our interpreters are all young university students who get two ‘free’ weeks off every year, so they come to Haiti Arise to help us out.

We arrived at the beach after a 1 ½ hour boat ride and set up the clinic under four palapas on soft white sand. Waiting for us were approximately 160 locals, some of whom had walked for miles from the other side of the mountain just to see the doctors. They waited patiently while we set up. There was a bit of commotion organizing who got in line first and understanding the definition of how to form a line, however we had no complaints because they had to wait for their turn or wait while we processed their prescriptions.

There were several interesting patients today. There was a gentleman who had broken his wrist, had it x-rayed at the hospital in Petit Goave (they sent him home without a cast!), and he came to our clinic with his wrist covered in a grass/cow dung (we think to help it heal). Dr. Chuck asked him to come to our clinic on Saturday with his x-ray so something can hopefully be done to help it mend properly. Britt helped a lovely 14 year old. It was determined that she has a heart murmur but she also has six fingers on each hand, all perfectly operational. There were a number of patients with upper respiratory issues and a ten year old boy who had pneumonia. We’ve had a dentist from Brooks, Alberta join our team and he was busy doing extractions.

Unfortunately we were unable to see 50 people who came out due to time and supply restraints.

I am so thankful that I am able to be in Haiti as part of the medical clinic. I can see how much the Haitians need and appreciate what the team does for them. I also realize how blessed I and my family and friends truly are. While it is sometimes difficult when we are only able to help one person at a time….. at least it is one person, then another……

I would like to thank all those who support Dr. Cutler’s Medical Mission, Hungry for Life and Haiti Arise! You continued support is valuable and appreciated!


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