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Hungry For Life - Medical Team Blog:

Today has been a roller coaster of emotions. It was a hard day in the clinic. Not in the number of people seen but the team had to deal with a few tough cases. For the Haitians, it` s just everyday life however.

A young lady who first came in to our clinic yesterday for the first time was found to have end stage HIV disease. On return to the clinic today, she was carried in, unable to stand and significantly more weak. We arranged for her to be admitted in an HIV clinic and was transferred to the nearby Petit Goave Hospital, accompanied by Judith and Brian. Shortly after settling her in the ER department, we received a call that she passed away. Brian from our team was the last one to give her a hug. She died alone not more than 15 minutes after Judith and Brian left her side.

A mother came in with her 13-month-old only child. He was born in Grand Goave and the birth was complicated causing him to have a massive brain bleed resulting in significant hydrocephalus (enlarged ventricles) and brain damage. He was identified in the clinic last year and actually did have 2 shunts placed in his brain. He still cannot sit, hold anything, or bear any weight on his legs, nor can he can see. But…there is beauty in his story; the love his mom showed for him is astounding. She cares for him so well; she loves him so much. She was so proud to come and show him to us at the clinic this year. His future in Haiti is bleak, but he has a mom that intensely loves him. She is an incredible example to us all.

Another mother came in with her little girl came in to the clinic today. She matter of factly stated that this beautiful 7 year old girl has been having hour long seizures on a daily basis for over a year now and this is her first time ever seeking medical attention.

These stories are just a part of everyday life in Haiti.

We ended the evening under a mango tree with tears in our eyes sharing our stories and breaking bread. Bread that was graciously given by a very thankful patient in the clinic.

What have I learned thus far? People all want to be cared for, all want to be loved. People are resilient, but no one in the world deserves neglect.


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