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This post by Britt

Well it was another wonderful day in the medical clinic. The team worked diligently, without complaint, to see 164 patients. Some of the team were given a blessing the past few days. After coming here for the past few years, we have seen patients come into the clinic that, when they leave, we believe we will never see again. Some were very young, some were very old and all those patients were very sick with little option of what to do to heal them. However, thanks to the grace of God, a few of those patients have walked into the clinic looking amazing. Many of you know the story of the woman that was transported out by helicopter last year and for one reason or another, she did not receive the surgery she needed. Many of the team thought they would never see her again and to our surprise, she came into the clinic today to see Dr. Bob and give him and the team a big thank you for all of their care last year. She is doing very well and receiving great medical care and looks happy and healthier then when we last saw her. It goes to show that you never know when a starfish is in your hands.

One other thing that has really impressed me this trip is working with the full time Nurse at Haiti Arise, Ezgar. He is such a wonderful, hard working soul in general. Nevertheless, with the rise of issues with diabetes and hypertension, these patients need a lot of monitoring and Ezgar has filled his plate with as many patients as he can manage to help them with their disease management. He is so kind to every one of his patients. He visits his them at home once a month and provides them with great care and advice to help keep them as healthy as possible. I heard yesterday that he went above and beyond his regular duty and paid a house call on Sunday, his only day off, to a patient we had seen last Thursday. She presented with a tragic and complicated case, 46 year old lady who suffers from Diabetes and was 16 weeks pregnant only to find out the baby recently died and had to be induced on Friday afternoon. He went to see her, without our knowing or asking just because he cares. It is a privilege to work with him again this year.

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