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First Day of Many Firsts

Hungry For Life Medical Team Blog

Soooo.. First day of clinic and in the debriefing we used words like amazing (Denise), better( Carol), fun (Brit).

And my word was unretired (is that even a word?). Today was special for me for many reasons, but especially seeing Woodly, a three year old boy my wife Elaine and I are sponsoring here.

He is healthy and happy, growing and doing well, untill yesterday when he fell and broke his right thigh bone.

We were able to set the bone and get him in a cast with a “cast” of dozens lending a hand. That’s what it‘s like here with an incredible team of dedicated professionals from all walks of life.

There’s a window in orthopedics that is literally 7-14 days to set and treat children’s fractures. And although I’m humbled by God’s trust in my hands, had Woodly broken his leg two weeks ago, or two weeks from now I couldn’t have helped him. A little terrifying. I’m quite sure another orthopod could do the same job but this opportunity to help on such a level reinforces in me God’s personal interest in me (and Woodly) and our lives.

Great day. Keep us, Haiti and the world in your prayers. Thanks to all of you here in Haiti Arise and back home supporting us.


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