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Community Outreach

It's been a busy month. And fruitful. God is moving and has given us many opportunities to reach our community and many others. Here's a quick synopsis.

-10th Annual Pastors Conference sponsored by MFI with Pastor Ed Allan with 300 pastors and leaders in attendance for two days. It was a powerful time!

-Evangelistic services held for two nights at Carrefour Taino where we preached the gospel and prayed for a 20 new believers.

-Cap Haitien Pastors Conference for two days with Pastor Pritchard & Dana Adams. We accompanied Pastor Ed to minister with him in another spirit filled conference.

-Ordination service for three of our leaders in ministry in Grand-Goave and DuFort. This was a powerful service and the mark of a new season for our church as we anointed and prayed over Pastor Edmund, Brother Sorel and Sister Leah.

-Shopping trip with the Fecilien family. Thanks to some generous sponsors, we were able to take the Fecilien kids shopping for new clothes for the year. This is our family of six orphans that we've taken charge of caring for. They were all ecstatic!

-Gospel of John distribution with a Share Word Global team of 15 from Quebec is a real highlight. In two days we visited 17 high schools, 2 prisons and a hospital in Grand-Goave & Petit-Goave. We partnered w 15 local Haitian leaders who went together with us to share the gospel in every class. We have 2,600 gospels out and prayed for salvation for 707 new converts!! Praise God! This is the true pure work of evangelism. "How beautiful in the mountains are the feet of those who bring the Good News" Isaiah 52:7

-Water filter distribution right now is essential as Cholera has hit our community. After the rains and damage of the hurricane, we are still seeing the negative effects. Thanks to Disaster Aid Canada, we have the opportunity to provide a simple water filter made by Sawyer and teach the people how to protect their families from disease through clean water and hand washing.

School is also back in session. Kiki is growing up and doing well in 6th grade. The new school building is open with 5th & 6th grade and the kids are thoroughly enjoying the space and cool breeze at the South Campus. My kids are back at home-school studies, filling our mornings. We stay home for the mornings or use the upstairs suite at the campus for school time. The afternoons are full of all the above & admin work. We also love visiting the kids at the Children's Village. My girls have taken to cuddling the babies so much, they want to go every afternoon. We often bring them with us to church in the evenings so the moms can run short errands before service. The boys are so energetic, I have to keep one eye on them while in prayer! We will be having another baby coming into the home this month that Miesha was ready to adopt herself when we first met her. We'll introduce you soon!

We're preparing to head back south again to continue home rebuilding in the coming week. There's still so many homes destroyed.

Pray for us! I need it more each day. I'm praying for a revival to take place in me and our family, to go deeper in God this year. I'm expecting great things I've yet to see!

Heres some pictures to check out.

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